Firmware 1.4 of the Nook Has Been Rooted


If developers can find a way to root an Android-enabled eBook reader, they can root anything. Barnes & Noble released version 1.4 of their Nook the other day, and with that came the usual curiosity of coders: they looked deep into the soul (or source, I forget which) of the latest firmware and found more key vulnerabilities that would spell its security doom.


With those vulnerabilities came a method to root the device. Be sure to check out NookDevs for instructions on how to jump from SoftRooted 1.3 to 1.4.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Yes! Just got a nook Friday for my birthday, and this is something I’ve been curious about! Thanks, phandroid!

  2. I just want to install cyanogen’s ROM on it…

  3. Amazon Kindle app on Barnes and Noble Nook. The end of the world I tell you! The end of the world!

  4. What is rooting??? I read about it on this site everyday but i dont know what it is

  5. @Giradi

    It’s when you gain Root access to a device. Which enables you do to take control over it and install and modify the File System

  6. ahhhh, i have a nook…. I think ill just leave it the way it is for now. I dont know anything about rooting so ill just stay away

  7. @girardi
    considering the open nature of android, very few people really need root access. it also voids your warranty. that said, if you do decide to root your android device, it can be very rewarding and fun to play around with.
    i for one HAD to root my g1 because it is underclocked to 3xx MHz, and in today’s day and age that is just too slow. with root i gained access to my phone’s clock speed, along with a few other handy parts, and unlocked the full power of my phone.
    not sure what root access does to a nook, but im sure there’ll be a few nifty advantages. just search around, there will be multiple forums discussing it.

  8. Noooo Updates for Cliq / cliq XT … Motorola lie one again …

  9. I tried for awhile yesterday, and failed to find any good reason why I would root a Nook. Maybe I just didn’t find the right information, but what practical applications are there for a rooted Nook? Are there any custom ROMs that do cool stuff?

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