Xperia X10 Mini Pro Hits Shelves



For anyone that has been waiting out on the standard X10 Mini for the QWERTY keyboard of the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Mini Pro, your day has arrived, as SE has branded the phone retail ready. It should be on or heading to the shelves of their carrier partners around Europe as we speak, though still no sign of this one ending up in the US. If you are unfamiliar, the below video will be sure to fill you in on the smallest Android phone with a full keyboard you can find.

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  1. a year too late? :) last we heard Xperia was coming out with 1.6? smallest touch screen? Sony sure know how to turn good idea into a crappy product :)

  2. How is this even possible? I saw the regular mini at the store today and I can’t even imagine a full qwerty-keyboard smacked on a device as small as this. My fingers would probably hit 9 keys at the same time..

  3. Does anyone actually care? Moar Droid X news!

  4. The keys aren’t that tiny. See the first link below to see someone use the slideout KB as well as the T9 keypad on the touchscreen. Unfortunately it’s in French, so I can’t understand the commentary.

    Second link is in English, but it focuses more on the various UI enhancements by Sony Ericsson, rather than on input modes.



  5. Sorry, me again.
    OK, I found a video clip specifically showing a man (ie, bigger thumbs)test the speed and usability of the mini pro’s slideout KB. Not bad. If this ever comes to my country, I’m seriously considering getting it for my mum, who prefers smaller phones and “real” keys, and doesn’t need all the bells and whistles that most of us here would want.


  6. Might not be the best phone for geeks but my wife wants one of these, and anything that gets more Android into the hands of the masses is OK with me.

    To be honest I think it looks pretty cool, SE just need to get into gear and upgrade to Android 2.x.

  7. @ Ben: Scheduled for Q4 2010 – Android 2.1 (not 2.2!!)

  8. @Althir SE officially announced Q3 for the 2.1 update.

  9. Why the stupid queries about keyboard size? Ever heard of Blackberry, or E71/72, or (…imagine long list of usable keyboards that are much smaller than mini pro)?

    Smart Phones, Stupid People…

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