Mobile Viewer Brings Google Docs to Android Handsets


Google Docs has made document portability a breeze for the desktop, and now you will be able to access the same files from your Android handset with the newly released version of the mobile viewer. Accessible now on Android devices as well as iPhone and iPad, the mobile viewer allows you to view PDFs, .ppt, .doc, and .docx document types without ever downloading a file.


Users need only head to docs.google.com to load the new version of the Google Docs mobile viewer. It doesn’t look like the Android version supports pinch to zoom at the moment, but document viewing is quick and easy to navigate. Power users of Google Docs should be pleased.

[via Google]

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  1. Pinch-to-zoom works for me on the Nexus One (tried it with spreadsheets, documents, and .xlsx)

  2. Does this thing support saving on microSD and two-way syncing?

  3. Arrrg. If I can’t edit the docs, then I’m not really interested. Seriously, how does Google not have a Google Docs app for Android yet? It’s baffling.

  4. I feel like this has been out for a long time… I remember opening google docs on my hero back in January, and then being frustrated that I could not edit anything.

  5. edit works here

  6. Yah, I edited a spreadsheet on my phone well over a year ago and the interface looked and worked the exact same way. How is this any different?

  7. @B-Rose –


  8. “how does Google not have a Google Docs app for Android yet?”

    I keep asking myself the same thing.Considering how useful and important google doc is, its shocking that google doesn’t see it fit to dev an app for android

  9. So, can you edit a doc/docx file or not? Anyone?

  10. i use gdocs and its very good.easy to use and i can edit as well

  11. hmm it seems thinkfree is much more advanced than Google

  12. Pinch-to-zoom works on Incredible.

  13. I have been editing my my xls documents using my phone for sometime now. Though it’s a different way when compared to the browser version. Pinch to zoom is working just fine, as well as editing my xls documents. I don’t think the other document types is can be edited though.

    I have the Evo 4G btw.

  14. There are two things Android really needs on the work application front.

    1. A native docs app that supports editing, especially offline.

    2. A google tasks app. It seems simple but for someone who uses tasks because of the integration with calendar and gmail, it’s a pain to have to use crummy third party applications.

  15. Doesn’t seem to allow editing using my Incredible. Pinch to zoom works.

  16. Nexus one latest update android 2.2
    Pinch to zoom works and editing.

  17. editing was long working for spreadsheet but not for documents…

  18. I use Google docs heavily for my job and love it
    I notice when viewing a PDF file you no longer have the option to go straight to a page from the menu button. Would be much nicer to not have to page through a hundred paged or so. I think that not having to download the file is great though. Google docs is getting better and better.

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