Android 2.2 Beta OTA Update Being Pushed to Select Droid Owners?



The internets are a-buzzing with word that a small test group of original Motorola Droid owners are starting to receive an OTA update to Android 2.2. While we are waiting to get confirmation on the veracity of these reports, a test update could indicate that the upgrade to Froyo for all users isn’t far off (right now the goal is to get the OTA out by the end of July). The Droid update to Android 2.1 began with a small test group and eventually spread to the larger user-base, so keep your fingers crossed. Any Droid owners who happen to be included in the above mentioned test group, feel free to send along any more information!

[via TalkAndroid]

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  1. They better fix the damn 2d performance or I’m going to freak :(

  2. i can update to android 2.2 on my moto droid now

  3. What build number is it they are getting?

  4. @Matthew when you mean the 2D performance I am assuming you mean the transition form desktop to desktop? If so yes it is smoother but not as smooth as some would like. The reason for this is that the Android UI does not take advantage of the GPUs found in many of the Android handsets. Whereas Apple uses some low level calls to the the GPU in the iPhone to help accelerate the UI. Hopefully with all the talk of Gingerbread focusing on the UI this will be addressed.

  5. Just get ADW launcher or launcher pro which are incredibly fast and customizeable.

  6. that’s great, but where the hell is it for the Nexus One?

  7. Very excited about this.


  8. Hmm…guess Moto is stepping up and will probably release Froyo on Droid before HTC release them…sucks for HTC customers..

  9. If -any- phone gets FroYo OTA before the N1 I will be very very peed off!!

    Google, look after your firstborn!! Aha!

  10. Wasn’t in the 2.1 test group and not in the 2.2 test group :’-( why oh why? Oh well, can’t wait!

  11. @Aaron
    Didn’t the Nexus One get the official update last week sometime? I thought that the FRF83 was the final build of Froyo and Nexus One users were receiving it last week?

  12. @ Aaron. Ditto

  13. hopefully someone will save it before they do the update and spread it around so we can manually update.

  14. N1 WTF?

  15. No, Nexus didn’t get the official update. There were a few test/beta/RC updates given to the “special” phones that the press got, and some of those leaked to other sites so the T-Mobile Nexus could be updated manually, but not the AT&T versions, at least not without routing.

    I guess now we know what took them so long: they were waiting for Motorola to have their update ready.

    The Nexus is my last (well, and first) phone i’ll get from Google. I got it because i assumed this will be Google’s baby and get preferential treatment, instead it was treated as the retarded child in the middle ages, and locked up in the basement while the nice children were fed candy upstairs.

  16. My Droid randomly turned off and restarted a few times this past weekend, but it still says 2.1 v1 is installed. Perhaps they were sending a few attempts to my phone? Or perhaps I have some apps that act screwy with the OS (it happened twice when I tried to launch an app: the native messaging app and photo gallery app)?

  17. Yea my driod did the same thing too just randomly turned off and restarted couple times its weried mmmmm why is that

  18. Froyo is not out officially yet from Google! At least those are the latest rumors.

    Some AT&T users got a OTA(video proving it) last week as well as did T-Mobile users. A very small group got the OTA to build FRF83.

  19. if the droid gets froyo before the nexus one I will be highly unimpressed..

  20. If Droid gets Froyo before HTC Desire i will… What? Ehmm.. be angry!

  21. @ N1 users. Why does it matter if “you have it first”? In your opinion, would it be better for Google to release Froyo a year late as long as you got it before everyone else? I didn’t know this was a competition… Besides, can’t N1 users just manually update to Froyo? Go download the .zip file.

  22. Froyo Source is out. Was released a couple of days ago. GENERIC PLAIN VANILLA FROYO. If you get it save it and post it for all to share. Waiting for Verizon STINKS!

  23. Updated to froyo FRF85 today as an OTA. anyone else get it too? N1

  24. I just received an OTA update which shows build FRF85B after installing it. It was small, 585k I think. No clue what is different vs the FRF83 that I had. I’m on t-mobile.

  25. I got it too FRF85B

  26. @G1toN1…did you notice anything different from the FRF50 build?

  27. nexus one is already receiving the ota update to froyo!!!!

  28. There has already been a hacked version out that the droid company is allowing people to download. There are lots of versions coming out because droid is linux based meaning its free range for people to mess with. I think actually that might be the select few phones testing it (the ones that have the hacked version). My boyfriend has it and there are absolutely no problems other than the led flashlight not working. You will be happy to know that there has not been one force close.

  29. stock N1 manually updated to FRF50 when it came out but didnt update on FRF72 – when I woke up just an hour ago I got the OTA update for FRF85B (1.9MB), am in the Philippines… ty Google

  30. I receive OTA update to FRF85B from ERE27.

  31. Im still waiting :/ according to google’s page for the Nexus One, the OTA update is out. Thanks google. I cannot wait.

  32. For those who have the Droid beta, does it come with any additional home screens, or are we screwed?


  34. engadnet is saying they have a download link for all android builds

  35. I just spoke with a Verizon rep, and they are saying that they “absolutely, without question, have not released 2.2 Beta to our customers. It is not Verizon policy to Beta test using customers’ phones in the event of any type of failure that can damage the customers’ phones.” Time to root…

  36. HTC, just got my ota update today. It’s sweet

  37. OMG I’m so mad! I rooted my droid and had froyo already installed then it popped up with the ota but said I was already upto daye. So I unrooted and now its not showing the froyo ota.

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