T-Mobile Site Reveals the Samsung Vibrant


As if we didn’t already know, T-Mobile’s recently launched countdown and clue site – T-Mobileclu.com – has finally revealed all of image that was being covered about by those magenta-shaded squares. The image is quite simple to break down: Uncle Sam + Sun + G = Samsung, Viking – King = Vi, and Bee +  R + Ant = Vibeerant, but you could probably chop those “e”s out of the equation to spell out Vibrant.


There’s still two and a half days until the end of the countdown – so we can’t confirm anything just yet – but it’s the closest anyone’s going to get. Now all we do is play the waiting game. Two days and 14 hours from now is Monday, and Samsung has an event on Tuesday. We’re almost certain the Samsung Vibrant will be there, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see the AT&T Captivate on hand, as well, as Samsung’s other Galaxy S smartphone launching in the states soon.

[via TmoNews]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. Yay! Another mediocre phone from T-mobile. No flash and smaller than the evo. Just once ide like for them to have the “it” phone.

  2. s-amoled + hummingbird = the “it” phone.

  3. More like T-Mobilegetaclu.com. Still no high-end Android offering on T-Mobile, but the plethora of crap keeps growing. At least you’d think they’d try to get the Nexus One in store!

  4. what is wrong with you people, the Galaxy S is considered the highest current Android phone out there, that and the Nexus One. T-mobile costumers have nothing to bitch about so stop it!

  5. I know that folks have issues with Samsung, but on both the specs and the Super Amoled screen, the Vibrant does not appear to be a mediocre phone. It’s unfortunate that they don’t have the front facing camera, ala the Galaxy, but still, it seems to be a leading Android phone.

  6. +1 to Ryan – I’m so sick of hearing all these people bitch about tmobile. Ive had the top android phone on the market now for the past 4 months (N1)…oh and its on tmobile?!?! Wow, crazy right?!? Get a clue before you start ranting and raving about tmobile not having high end phone or the “it” phone. The Nexus one has been the “it” phone on the market for a while now. Now were getting the next “it” phone in the sgs.

  7. Does it really not have the front facing camera? Everyone was up in arms over those pictures, that may or not be real, and even then, it was hard to tell. Personally, I’m more upset about not having a camera flash, since that limits you to optimal lighting for picture taking. Front camera is cool to compete with the new gen of Android phones, but it’s not a deal breaker for me.

    Has anyone asked Tmo on they’re official Twitter about the lack of the front camera and flash? They usually respond to questions.

  8. The nexus is the best phone for tmobile but they could atleast attempt to have it instores.

  9. WE will NOT get the perfect phone..noone will..doesnt exhist..manufactors arent that dumb. Give tmo a break..they are number 4 carrier…of course they wont get the cream of the crop, but there doing a dang good job getting super nice phones!

  10. There is no such thing at the “it” phone. That one will be released next month. When next month arrives, repeat sequence. And btw, my nexus is on T-Mobile, and it rocks.

  11. We do have a right to complain I have an N1 and I would like to get my wife a comparable phone but, due to the family plan restrictions I cannot qualify to get her a subsidised N1 as well. I by no means am in a position to shell out another 5 bills on a phone. I would like a full featured phone and as Magenta seems to stifle the greatness of hardware or land on failing tech(HD2) it straines me to continue with them. I have been with TMO for 10 years and in the last two years I have actually thought to leave.

  12. My only wish is that some of the Droids were cross carrier, but im sure Tmo will come through with something equally great. But for now im perfectly content with my Nexus One.

  13. I agree with James. I had the G1 for a while and now have the HD2. The camera flash makes a huge difference, not just in taking pictures but using it as a flashlight too.
    If I am investing in a high-end phone, I’d rather have all the bells and whistles that I may be able to use in the future, like the FFC.

  14. I agree . .. T-Mobile hasnt really had an “It” phone since the Sidekick was popular. The N1 doesnt count because current customers had to pay $100000000 for it. (i’ve still never seen one in person) The HD2 wouldnt have been overshadowed as much by the newer phones if it was Android. Windows mobile sucks

    *waits for Dell Streak*

  15. Heres some fun speculation for those down on tmobile like I am……


  16. Come on FFC!! Id rather have an hdmi output instead of the dlna. I just recently bought a tv and says nothing of dlna. In a few days.us g1’ers will either REJOICE or be PISSED OFF if a few key features are removed.all I’m going to say is.. I hope they kept the most promonent componets intact(ffc mainly). We will see!! Cross thos fingers if not get ready to jump shit like I am right now for the evo.

  17. Really guys? “I have a nexus1 so stop complaining about t-mobile”? Really? T-mobile doesn’t offer the nexus1 unless you’re a brand spanking new customer getting a post-paid individual plan. That’s like saying t-mobile has already had the galaxy S for months just because you can shell out about $700-800 to import one. If you take the nexus1, which is completely unsubsidized and unsupported by t-mobile, then what do you have? The MyTouch Slide is their best phone right now, and it’s not even in the same class as the stuff verizon and sprint have.

    They’re finally announcing the vibrant, and I’m glad as hell they are. It’s a damned good phone, and it’s their first phone they actually offer that can compete with the top tier. I’m excited for it, but it does bother me a bit that they took a good-looking phone and uglified it (AND took out features) for the american release. Yeah, it’s still a great phone. But it’s frustrating as hell to know that it was a better phone before t-mo usa changed it.

  18. Dlna isn’t bad but how many of us already have a dlna ready tv? I don’t like touch wiz but we will see I just want a new phone point blank. I just want all the bells and whistles like the other “super phones”,don’t you?

  19. @fish they didn’t uglify it it looks the same as the original galaxy s but they added a button which I like

  20. technically the Nexus One ISNT a “Tmobile phone.” its a phone thats compatible with tmobile. T-mobile customers are crying because they dont have a high end android device thats theirs and ONLY theirs. Galaxy S will be on every other carrier. Not to mention a superior version packed with 4G compatibility headed to Sprint. Anyway…the galaxy S is one great piece of technology that happens to be short on features.

  21. @coolMANDINGO, You’re right. I forgot to mention the HDMI out. that’s another thing missing from this phone.

  22. @Fish, you gave an excellent comparison:
    “T-Mobile has Nexus One is like saying t-mobile has already had the galaxy S for months just because you can shell out about $700-800 to import one”

  23. Even Verizon’s droid x doesn’t have a FFC let alone the s-amoled screen of the galaxy s. I’d say t-mobile is in pretty good shape with phones. Now if only their coverage didn’t suck…

  24. You guys are hilarious. If you truly are using t-mobile, then you should know what you signed up for – a cheap phone service with an unlimited (at least for now) data plan. Sure services in the boonies suck but my travels usually are to places that the magenta has decent coverage, i.e. major metropolitan areas.

    Now magenta comes out with a non-exclusive super phone and people scream, “Hey, where’s the goddamn front facing camera?!?! Where’s the 4.3″ screen!?!? Where’s the magnesium carbon fiber mesh depleted uranium case certified to 1000 atmospheres!?!? Well screw that I’m getting an Orgazmo 10K from Verizon. That phone can make video calls, stream YouTube, and give me a hummer all the same time.”

    It’s a phone people. It’s a phone with extras. If you want a phone with different extras, go to a different carrier. If you want the features of an EVO, then go to Sprint and get one (don’t forget the $10 extra over the regular data plan). If you want the features of a Droid, then go to Verizon (the highest monthly costs for voice and data). If you want an iPhone then go to AT&T (just don’t expect to make a PHONE call). If you want the nicest phone that T-Mobile has then you get the Vibrant.

    Judging by the number of people who claim they’re leaving one carrier for another because of a phone I guess everyone can afford the early termination fees of jumping ship. Or if your contract is over then I’m sure the monthly costs between carries is negligible. What’s a $300 ETF or an extra $20-$30 a month compared to the “joys” of having the latest and greatest technology from China in the palm of your hand?

    Of course if you get the Orgazmo 10K, then the phone wouldn’t be in your hand, would it.


  26. @AM magnesium carbon fiber mesh depleted uranium case certified to 1000 atmospheres. Yeah… why don’t we have that yet?

    You kinda answered your own question. I am with Tmob and have been for many years. I do not want to switch carriers and pay the ETF. They are good to me and have never had a real problem with my service. I currently have the Cliq, I was up for an upgrade and at the time this was the best android phone I could afford. I’m still waiting on my update 2.1 which was promised over 6 months ago but everything works so Ill live. I have seen the Evo and I have to say that after handling it, I get envious when going back to my smaller slower phone.

    It’s frustrating to have this loyalty to a carrier when I constantly feel we are being left behind. I first posted on this thread out of frustration (see me at the top) but now I see a post for the HTC Vision and I have to say, I’m excited again. T-mobile has peaked my interest and the thought that I can have a business class Smartphone that I can be proud of is exciting to me.

  27. Mediocre phone…where have you been? I just got the mytouch slide from T-Mobile and it is AWESOME! So are the Nexus One and Galaxy S!!! Have you even been in a store to check out what T-Mobile is offering these days?

  28. @Edouard
    I’m with you on T-Mobile. I’ve used all of the big 4 and out of all of them the big magenta has given me the least amount of grief. True, they have the smallest footprint but for my use it’s more than adequate. T-Mobile is hard to beat in the cost department, especially when compared with the other 3 majors. I’ve also never had an issue when speaking with a rep on the phone.

    Both contracts for my wife and I are up but unless someone comes up with a better price structure we’re going to stick with T-Mobile. Now I have to decide whether to replace my MyTouch and get the Vibrant or wait it out for the Vision. The Vision sounds like a monster.

  29. @cool-lessmanDUMBO-tired of seeing your silly TMO bashing, Android-hating posts on every article. We get it. You’re out of contract, then leave. WinMo is waiting for you..Do you believe that anyone really cares about your gripes? Post something positive-do you think we are stupid & uninformed? Dude, we’re reading the same updates as you. What you quote isn’t new-move on, buddy so we can read real feedback-not the garbage you continually post, since you obviously, cannot truly foresee what TMO potentially, has to bring to their table. Jump ship & whine on some OTHER site, 4 months from now when whatever phone you’ve chosen is outdated, as well. Every quarter is any carrier’s game, depending on their lineup. Big hint: there will likely be a better phone within 4 months of the last greatest phone. It’s not cost effective to not move forward or to continue to read your crap. You bring nothing to this conversation-Move on. Overit.

  30. @the people bashing the nexus one… if used any logic in your tiny heads you’d realize that the $530 nexus one is cheaper over 2 years with t-mobile than a $200 droid on a 2-year verizon contract, AND you aren’t on contract… please stop being so stupid. As for the Vibrant, its sick… everything about it is amazing except no flash and no ffc, things many of you could definitely do without. BTW IT DOESN’T COME OUT TILL AUGUST… which is probably the worst thing about it.

  31. This is hands down the best phone phone on TMO. It has a screen that gets edge out by the iPhone 4. This phone sips power compared to most of its rivals. It is HSPA+ capable meaning it can get 4G speeds which TMO is aggressively ramping up their network. It has 8GB of internal flash compared to 512mb of the Nexus of course both are expandable with MicroSD cards. The Galaxy has better FPS for HD video than the Nexus. Of course all this could change on the 29th they might sneak something in for the Tmo version but I doubt it.

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