Samsung Galaxy S Gets Priced & Dated For South Korea


Samsung’s ready to bring their latest superphone home as pricing and availability for the Samsung Galaxy S have finally been announced for South Korea. SKT will be launching the device (likely exclusively) on June 25th starting for free (up to 295,000 won, as contracts and plans would dictate).


And just for good measure, here’s another beautiful Korean lady holding the device in yet another one of those dreamy gadget pictures Koreans are getting famous for.


Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Whoa, hot Asians, I am totally g-g-getting that phone. Giggity.

  2. You guys shouldn’t post things like this unless its talking about american markets. I can’t be the only tired of hearing what other countries are getting. When the details of the u.s release then tell us. This foreign news doesn’t matter to us.by the way I’m haitian-american so no my comment isn’t racist.I’m just saying its like were being teased with what there getting. Most people that will buy this phone don’t care what they get. We want to know about us. I know you guys are reporting the news but can you guys screen theen the news a little please. By the way great job on keeping me updated on android. Am I the only that notices that tmobile is the only carrier that has the least amount of android phone news.yeah I know tmobile sucks but damn tmobile come one.project emerald . Hurry up with it. If I wanted to play games id play my x360.

  3. I’m sorry, but we cater to a wide range of readers worldwide. We’re US based, but a good chunk of our readers are overseas.

  4. Thank you Quentin :)

  5. Looks good, but better ifon

  6. Yes mate – who honestly wants to hear about US releases? since half of your phones are CDMA based and will only work in your country, I could wager that 80% of the world does not want to hear about the incredible and the EVO – since they will never show up anywhere else…

  7. Mr.Kennemer i didnt mean to offend you or anyone else.i totally forgot that this site is on the World Wide Web! D’oh! i guess im a little frustrated with tmobile and the lack of phones.i cant be the ony with tmobile that hates all this news of other carriers and not ours. so please under mr.Kennemer i said what i said this morning out of angst for tmobile. and thanks for keeping a great site. with this site i inform my friends that work at tmobile stores on whats new an upcoming.

  8. I just happen to live in Seoul, Korea and this was the only English link that had pricing and release date on it. Thanks phandroid!
    As one of my friends who owns an Iphone said “This phone is a beast! The specs sh#$ all over the Iphone!”
    It’s time to trade in my second hand 4year old clunker(that I bought for 40 bucks) and upgrade to super-AMOLED, 720HD bliss! It got released today but I’m getting one tomorrow! As for the gadget stores and pretty girls – It’s all true! Coming from third world South Africa (a country which I love) South Korea is nerd heaven! i.e. pretty girls, gadgets and broadband that never quits!

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