doubleTwist Updating Their Android App to Add Internal Storage Support


With the advent of increased NAND/internal storage in today’s Android phones such as the HTC Droid Incredible, it will ultimately be up to developers to design and develop their apps to be able to access the storage. Media player doubleTwist is one such app that – up until now – has yet to take advantage of the Incredible’s 8GB of internal storage, but all of that will change soon.


The news was caught on Twitter as they were responding to a user’s concern of the app not being able to see his files. If you have a Droid Incredible and favor the doubleTwist experience over anything else, then you won’t have much longer to wait. We’ll ping you whenever doubleTwist makes that update live.

[via TalkAndroid]

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  1. They should start making apps2sd available too

  2. I’m not surprised that doubleTwist (and other apps) didn’t get this done immediately.

    My app couldn’t access the phone-storage of the Incredible either. The simple reason is that there is no sure way of doing this that is forward compatible (that will work on other phones in the future).

    It was a guessing game where this storage could be found and we developers now have to hope that these fixes will work on other (future) phones with phone-storage as well.

    I have no idea why Google and HTC haven’t worked more closely on this issue. I posted quite a few questions in Google’s developer forums, but no word from any Google engineer on this.

  3. My only problem with DoubleTwist is that I can’t edit tags with it. That means I still need another program to actually organize and tag my files… If they could fix that one shortcoming, I’d be a committed user.

  4. Updated to the new version and synced my incredible and now all of my playlists are mixed up. Before the update everything worked great.

  5. Can I use this app to play Apple Lossless music files on my Android device?

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