HTC EVO 4G Has Sold Out Again


I’m not sure if this is even newsworthy anymore, but let’s take a crack at it: Sprint has sold out of their online stock of the HTC EVO 4G again. When heading to Sprint’s online storefront for the device, they tell potential buyers to check back later as more are on their way.


This time, it won’t be as easy to pinpoint a time frame for when we can expect to see it back up for sale. Sprint hasn’t given us a definitive ETA like they did the first time around, and the fact that HTC’s revising their assembly procedures for the phone leads us to believe that Sprint could be waiting for that to get rolling.

[via Engadget]

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  1. Sold out? how many this time? 2 millions?

  2. Wow !!!

  3. 5 Billion phones sold!!!!!

    Riiight. Please stop this nonsense.

  4. I have had my Evo since launch day and I have not experienced any problems with grounding, screen pulling up or Wifi. It has been flawless with the only problem being the inability to lock in on a 4G signal at home even though Sprints coverage map shows me in the heart of their best 4G signal. I still get download speeds of 2.7 on 3G and my kids love the Hotspot feature for all of their gadgets. One thing I don’t understand is that my Nexus One pulls down better speeds off of the Hotspot than the Evo on its own signal.

  5. I think Sprint took the safe approach and only ordered a certain amount. Based on set limits they would pre-order from HTC more units after a certain number sold.
    This way they wouldn’t go through the same ordeal as with the PRE.
    I think Sprint is not putting all of their eggs in one basket after all of the money they lost with Palm.

  6. That is just a ploy and sales tactic by Sprint to make this phone seem like its in such high demand , its bullshit , this phone has not sold anywhere near as much as other phones like the original Droid , what a crock !!!

  7. HTCs site has the phone listed as in stock?!?!?

    Is this a mistake?

    Anyone want to investigate this?


  8. Yeaa. And the moto Droid was also on Verizon and advertised well. This is still the highest selling phone sprint has ever had.

  9. I wonder if I am going to be able to buy one on July 1st

  10. Not impressed, went through 2 EVO’s, wifi is horrible, too many little glitches…I understand new phones have glitches but come on? no wifi? anyways back with verizon…awaiting the the droid x…..they are very easy to get not in high demand at all either….every friday they are shipped and if i can get 2 phones since the the 4th then it is a ploy…..great phone except for the issues and not willing to wait for the fix……if it ever comes…..

  11. Hey guys…I didn’t get one, don’t want the added “premium” data gouging, am quite content with 3G and my Moment with its physical QWERTY, and now Android 2.1 is available for it at the Sprint site, anyhoo, back to my point….

    WAL-MART has the evo in stock!!! u might wanna check first, but they did when I just left…no Best Buy, Sprint.com, wirefly.com has it but Wal Mart does??…who’da thunk?? actually, kinda thinkin’ we all shoulda thunk…and Wal-Mart beats the Hell outta Sprint and Wirefly with their no wait rebates…got my Moment for $48…and Love it…

    ‘nother thing ’bout this 4G crap, it ain’t available everywhere, not my town and they expect me to pay for something I’m not even able to get???…puhhh-leeze…bunch o’ BS I think…

    I had mailed Sprint’s ecare to ask, as I have been their customer all my cellular life, if they would waive the rebate and give me the bottom price in lieu of my going elsewhere to purchase my new cell…they would NOT…what gratitude…I’ve never been late on the first bill, ever and that’s the thanks u get….in addition, even if they had waived the rebate, after a minumum 8-wk wait, I woulda still paid $99 for the Moment, same cell I’d just bought in the same shopping center for $48…I did, however, visit Sprint to have them transfer my contacts from my Treo 775 to my Moment…they are, after all, good for something eh??..

  12. NNOOO!!!! I was gonna get one on July 1st!!!!!!

  13. Hey Eric, you need to sell me the Nexus One heheh.


  14. Got my evo last week, it works perfect. I just downloaded an android application (PDA.net) and let me use my evo like a modem that connects to my laptop. I can sometimes get 7 Mbps download speed connected to 4G. Holly cow, that is fast. I can now drop my ATT Uverse for my home internet service which I can only get 1.5 Mbps. Very satisfied with this evo.

  15. the phone is sold out everywhere i had a friend drive 100 miles to buy one so they are selling out and its not bullshit..

  16. Of course its sold out !!! its the hotest thing out, and will stay hot well after the iphone4 comes out (HTC EVO … THE IPHONE ASSASSIN!!)

  17. I just dropped my Evo in soda and it’s done. Filing the claim today, says I may have to wait 5-7 business days for another…I wonder if I’ll have a refurb since it JUST came out?

  18. ya, sprint is purposely not selling EVOs by the truckload as a ploy… you are all ignorant. i know of a dozen people waiting to get this phone, including me.

  19. Brandon…what kind of “ploy” is denying consumers what they want? The Incredible has had the same problem of low supply since day one, and all it’s done is frustrate potential customers and create ill will toward both HTC and Verizon. Anyone with a basic understanding of business knows that if Sprint or VZW COULD be selling these things hand over fist, they would be.

  20. call your local radioshack, foreal

  21. If anyone is still looking for the htc evo like i was it is in stock on sprint.com right now its june 29 at like 800 est

  22. The problem is that Sprint underestimated this phone, just like the Palm Pre. In the meantime, with many cell providers offering android based phones, many people will just go elsewhere. Sprint started with 200,000 phones, and expected to sell 100,000 the first month, and the rest the second month. They sold all 200,000 phones in the first two weeks! Sprint never gets it right, and I pay $70/mo for an “Everything Data Plan,” but even though they have NO 4G in So Cal, they want an extra $10/mo more for it. NO 4G IN LOS ANGELES? My God, what were they thinking? 10 million people in one market place. What poor planning. Hey guys, let’s test 4G in Bismark, North Dakota? Ya, that’s a good idea! almost 60,000 people of whom 1,000 will buy a new phone. Ya, that’ll be profitable!

  23. We found several locations in the inland empire with the HTC evo’s in stock at their stores. Only ones that didn’t were a mall kiosk & online. Redlands, CA, Downey, Ca and Best Buy. We just gave VZ back their Droids and said no thank you to their prices and customer service. Love the Evos’!

  24. What’s the use of Sprint having the “best 4G phone” if it is NOT AVAILABLE? iPhone is available and is a good phone so stop waiting for Sprint to have it available because by the time it will be it’s already old technology. Just switch to another provider.

  25. Can someone help me with finding out how to put a lock on my phone so just anyone can’t pick up my phone and tap Messages and see what people has sent me?

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