SEVEN Brings Push E-mail Solution to Android


While GMail gets the job done quickly when it comes to push e-mail, if you use any other sort of account for dealing with your day to day business you don’t get the same expedient delivery times.  SEVEN offers a solution to this problem, and while not as quick at retrieving messages as GMail, it shaves a good deal of time off of the standard e-mail app.


SEVEN actually consists of two separate services, SEVEN IM and SEVEN Mail. The IM service currently supports Google Talk and Windows Live Messenger, but AIM and Yahoo should be coming shortly. You can get in on a beta right now by downloading it here if you are looking for a solution like this, as SEVEN seems to offer a pretty good alternative.

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  1. The exchange email client builtin to the droid does push notifications, and has since day one. I routinely get email on my droid before I get it in my outlook client.

  2. I have the beta of this and simply put, the interface needs work.

    They offer a similar product for Win Mo, which I also tested, and that was an excellent product. they set it up to integrate into the stock email app.

    Perhaps Android works in such a way that the application cannot integrate into other parts of the system easily, but the inbuilt reader does not even support HTML messages, as I recall.

  3. I just installed this on my droid running froyo and I can’t turn off the vibrate and sound notifications for email. Anyone else try this? Its a great app since it uses push for my windows live email, but I get a ton of email and can’t have this thing vibrating every two minutes.

  4. Oh and it does do html email now. At least from what I can tell.

  5. Whatever version is linked on this forum is nice and does do html. But I registered on the Seven site, and downloaded their version, it does not do html, so that’s strange. But it does let me change the settings for notifications. Now if I could just figure out why

  6. Yecch! I tried the Seven beta earlier this year on my N1 and it was just lousy on my Yahoo account. It had me relogin about 10 times per week.

    On the other hand I am quite happy with K-9 Mail.

  7. ok last post for me, they are aware of my issue and have been working on it for a couple of weeks now. They will have an update out for it. Great app!!

  8. K9 mail gives me push mail via IMAP4 idle, as someone else said, I get notification of new messages from my phone before I get it from my laptop most of the time.

  9. I can’t do HTML email…FAIL!

  10. I cannot get the stupid app to use my contacts list to populate the TO: section of an email. It appears you need to do a separate name search and then send an email to only that one person. What am I missing? If this is the case then it is useless for anything other than receiving and replying to email.

  11. I used to work for Alltel (before they were purchased by Verizon) and I worked hand in hand with Seven. All I can say is I had goosebumps when I saw that logo… they are the WORST programmers ever. We had to support their useless, bloated, poorly written, bad ui applications. I have 0 respect for them…

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