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Orb Live (pictured above on a phone that shall be named), the media streaming service, recently went out to the Android Market. Orb allows you to access your pictures, videos, and audio right from your phone through Orb MyCast, a media server application that is installed on a host computer. You can also access internet TV content for your phone through MyCast. But all this media streaming doesn’t come free, the app will set you back $9.99. Find it in the Android Market now.

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  1. Any one know how this would compare to homepipe(spare the internet tv)?

  2. HomePipe works great for me, and it’s free! That’s a win right there.

  3. Just wanted to say that I am surprised you guys don’t have mobile site yet like Android And Me! It would be so much convenient to use your applications page right from the phone if it is a mobile website! Just a suggestion!

  4. why does it cost $10?!? just go to and you can access everything for free…

  5. No linux version, lame!

  6. @s1nner I like the HomePipe app (especially the part that is free) but how exactly does it stream music or video to my Android phone? In my experience, it only lets me download these files, after which I can play them if I choose. Subsonic, which I’ve tried but uninstalled, comes closer to streaming but it, too, charges a “donation” and gave me a malware concern.

  7. Homepipe doesnt stream. It simply transfers files back and forth between pc and phone. Orb actually transcodes the videos and streams so you can watch the video on the fly.

  8. If this works as good as it did disguised/rebranded as Winamp Remote then I am 100% for it.

  9. “On a phone that shall be named.” Lol.

    You really left us hanging there…

  10. @GuardianAli vlc on the computer at home can do that. Just use RTSP and a client for that.

  11. @Steve,

    How to use VLC for that? I searched and searched a couple of months ago and never found an good easy clean way to do it that actually worked.

  12. This has been out for quite some time. they also have a free version but it only allows streaming for I think 3 videos from your orb account.

  13. Use TVersity. I’m already rocking my Droid 2.2 with Bugless Beast and using flash with the web browser to stream my movies from home!!!

  14. Gmote does a great job on Android, and it’s free. There doesn’t seem to be a desktop client for it though…

  15. i was very disappointed with the orb music app and i only paid 1$ for it. it’s extremely sluggish and the interface is poorly ported over from their iphone app. they just needed to put a week or two worth of effort into polishing the UI and playlist features and it would’ve been well worth the dollar.

    (i’m sure i’ll be corrected if this is inaccurate, but instead of buying the 10$ app that streams all your files, you can get them a la carte per function for cheaper.)

  16. i just wish AI could could get video. I have tried all the 3gp combos and I can’t any video. Audio OK, but not one video. Sucks.

  17. Time to replace keyboard batteries.

  18. This app has actually been out for quite some time. it also streams live tv if you a tv tuner on your pc but unless your on wifi its pretty choppy. Music streams flawlessly and it is very easy to set up.

  19. “pictured above on a phone that shall be named”

    ok, ill bite. what are you gonna name it?

  20. Uhm, does Orb pay you to keep republishing this news item?

    The Orb apps are waay old by now, and besides, they are very shitty iPhone-app ports..

  21. Been using this for a while now since my BB days. $10 client? As mechinn pointed out just browse to on your handset.

  22. None of these have Linux support. Come on!

  23. Glad I’m not the only one that took notice, yeah this app has been out for quite awhile now, what? Did they get an update today or something? If you like & use orb, this app serves its purpose fairly well, but yeah as mentioned above wifi is recommended…but still a cool app.

  24. Now I get it, do your research duder before you post ipad news, geez you would think an associate of Phandroid would no better, dude you should know those apple fan boys don’t know a damn thing about android, OrbLive has been out since January for android along with sevaral other versions to test out, stop making Phandroid look foolish…

  25. This is super old news. The apps are crap. The mobile website works much better. And video using the Flash player on 2.2 devices is much better than the 3gp streaming that used to (sometimes) work.

  26. ^ yeah, that’s why I would highly recommend it over a wifi connection, but that kinda defeats the purpose for me at least, music & vids are choppy over 3g, but I used to mainly use it for webcams to check in on my house when I was out & about, spy on the wifey, hehe, but then I found seedonk which seems to work a little better for the purpose of streaming webcams. Has anyone tried it on the Evo? 4g may help things out a bit, as well as when T-Mob completes there upgrades…

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