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We first saw these phones at this past Computex show, but now Acer’s gone on record to announce them officially. The phones I’m talking about would be the Acer beTouch E120 and the Acer beTouch E130. The former has a 2.8-inch QVGA touchscreen, a 3.2-megapixel camera, a 416MHz ST Ericsson processor, and your usual host of connectivity options.

The beTouch E130 is nearly identical, however, with its differentiating specs being a 2.6-inch QVGA touchscreen and a QWERTY keyboard. This phone originally caught our eye due to its resemblance to a Blackberry (which Blackberry users have grown to love). Both of these devices share one other (very unfortunate) characteristic: they’re running Android 1.6.

When we saw the devices at Computex, they didn’t state whether or not it’d get upgraded in the future, but I’m willing to bet holding your breath won’t be the smartest of choices. The E120 is set to launch this July with the E130 launching in August.

Two new ways to say Android: Acer beTouch E120 and beTouch E130

London, 15th June 2010 – Trendy, youthful, and attractive, the Acer beTouch line now has two new models that feature the freedom and excitement guaranteed by the Android operating system.

Acer beTouch E120 and beTouch E130 are intended for those who want to get their hands on the best technologies, but without having to compromise their individuality. Whether you are a traditionalist or always on the cutting edge, the beTouch line can satisfy your smartphone cravings!

The renewed Acer beTouch line integrates all the main Google Applications:
• Enjoy real access to the Internet through the Android browser for an easy zoom control, bookmarking, and multiple pages opening;
• Discover all types of useful applications: check the latest videos from your friends on YouTube, find your way around and where your friends are thanks to Google Maps coupled with Latitude, comfortably check your emails with the Android email application
• Android Market with 20,000 applications for limitless personalisation.

In addition to easy messaging, pictures, music & radio, the beTouch E120 and the beTouchE130 offer a full set of features: Including 3G+, high speed browing and download (HSDPA), WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS pre-installed. And to make them the perfect companions, they also feature a 3.2 megapixel digital camera, for quick and easy shooting of unexpected moments, and a Radio FM to never miss a bit of your favorite shows even when you’re on the move. The 1500 mAh battery will allow you to keep up with long hours of web surfing, calls with friends and listning to music.

For music and social network addicts, there just had to be Acer Spinlets for music streaming and UrFooz for SN aggregation.

Acer beTouch E120

Beautiful to look at, easy to use

The beTouch E120 is a device that combines a 2.8” touchscreen with 5-way navi key for incomparable usability. Ideal for beginners just getting into the world of intelligent phones and looking for a “smartphone experience” at an affordable price.

Its compact for meet the needs of those who want a good-looking product to make a positive impression, but that at the same time is easy to use. Navigating the menus will be easy and fun thanks to the intuitive user interface, while the widgets enable you the utmost personalisation.

Thanks to integrated Facebook and Twidroid applications, you will have your community in your pocket and at your fingertips, because beTouch E120 never leaves you alone. And with the slot for the MicroSD card (up to 32GB), the space you need to archive multimedia content like music, photos, and videos is multiplied, so you never have to give up anything!

It will be available in black or white from mid July 2010.

Acer beTouch E130

The perfect combination of tradition and innovation

The beTouch E130 stands out for its thin format and sophisticated design. An example of style and functionality: compact, linear, and professional. Even its dimensions are convenient – at just 11.5mm and 109 gr, it is perfect for practically any pocket.

Conceived for those who want to enter the fantastic world of touchscreens but without giving up on the convenience of a traditional keyboard. In fact, under the 2.6” screen, the beTouch E130 hides a full QWERTY keyboard. The keys have been sized and positioned to allow maximum comfort, guaranteeing precision in typing: texting, or writing emails will be even easier and faster.

Browsing will be fast and fluid: the beTouch E130 is the perfect device to manage professional and personal email accounts at the same time with readable attachments. It’s compatible with all popular email services as well as Microsoft Exchange servers (through Roadsync). And to be always updated it offers the possibility to synchronize your contacts to the web (through Google Contact Sync).

Packed with Facebook, Twidroid and Google applications it will assure users to easily post and share their messages, pictures or music to the web.

It will be available in black or white from August 2010.

[via Android Community]

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  1. 416MHz? Wow these phones suck.

  2. Do they make these phones with low end specs to save on cost? Seems too under spec’d for a smartphone

  3. They cant be serious

  4. google should put their foot down on crap like this. at this point nothing should be coming new with 1.6. it is like acer doesn’t actually want to sell any of these, they combine crap hardware, with and outdated version of android.

  5. If the price is right they will sell. I’m guessing with those specs they are going to be very cheap.

  6. acer: weak phones as usual!

  7. hey guys 416 MHz is not that slow compared to IPhone 3gs processor speed and considering IPhone 3gs is still being sold, not a bad choice at all for acer. I can think of a lot of countries where this might be popular China and India

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