myTouch 3G Slide Gets Rooted



Because you just can’t stop an Android modder from rooting every phone that lands in their hands, the latest to get the treatment is the myTouch 3G Slide. After doing some work on the Cliq and Behold II, Eugene373 over at XDA-Developers set his sites on the Slide and has given a nice how-to for those that may want to get a little more access to their phone. For only getting the 600Mhz treatment, the Slide’s underclocked processor already gets things done pretty quick, but a little overclocking may open up whole new worlds for this phone.

[via XDA-Developers]

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  1. Another win for XDA and Android in general!

  2. I’ll probably never overclock because I’m not very tech-savvy at all, but my wife’s Slide is already crazy fast, considering the processor. It’s smooth, snappy, and has shown little to no lag so far on basic everyday use. I can’t imagine how fast it will be when it gets Froyo! It makes this Cliq XT owner weep.

  3. Ditto. I’m just going to wait for FroYo. The TMO rep confirms it will deinitely be OTA and soon – whatever that means! I asked him to qualify, …”couple months…. 3 months” and he said “oh it should be much sooner than that.” We’ll see!

    No lag on my slide either. Way faster than my old Blackberry Curve. LOVING ANDROID so far. Taking it to London later this week. A bit nervous about the data roaming charges. No comparable plan to the Blackberry for unlimited email. I’ll try to stick to wifi spots I guess.

    Has anyone figured out how to remove the TMO installed apps? They don’t have the Uninstall option like the Android Market apps I’ve installed.

  4. Yeah Eugene did some great work for us bh2 users

  5. i was crossing my fingers that someone would root it before i bought it by the end of the month. thx alot eugene!

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