HTC EVO 4G Gets Full Root Access


HTC EVO 4G owners have been enjoying their new toys chains-free since before the device was officially launched, but the access we got wasn’t “full” (the nand protection hadn’t been unlocked which denied us full read/write access while booted within Android).


Due to the protection, features such as microSD card-enabled swap and apps to SD were unachievable, but no longer. Toastcfh and friends – the people responsible for the original root method – has finally cracked that walnut for the world to feast on. While no ROMs have been released yet that take advantage of this newfound access, I’m sure the thriving EVO development community is hard at work on their latest creations.

For now, the only benefit is to deprecate the need to use ADB to boot into a custom recovery (although we enjoyed similar access thanks to ROM Manager). The final step in this quest for a fully unlocked experience would be to get the device’s original kernel source, but that’s just going to have to wait until HTC’s ready to release it. Learn more about how you can get up and running over at XDA.

[Thanks, Chris!]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. Lol, HTC might do themselves well to offer a fully unlocked phone for a few buck premium. They can even offer it to already sold nits through their web site. Either that or put those Dev’s there at XDA on the payroll. Can you imagine how well and what they can accomplish WITH the source prior to shipping these units? Put them all on their product development teams. Geeeeeze! Just my $.02

  2. I’m left to wonder why they go to all this trouble to keep people from accessing the true potential of the phone. Maybe HTC needs to change their name to Apple.

  3. @NR Bovee
    Unrooted version is well tested and verified and good for 90-95% of customers.
    Root version is for geek and no guaranty.

  4. andytop- you can fully root and go back to root stock if you need to exchange or warranty work.

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