5-Inch Android Tablet? $88, Please


We’re seeing more and more tablets introduced every day, and a welcome trend is that they just continue to get cheaper and cheaper. Even if we’ve yet to see any of these devices, it’s refreshing to see than our arms and legs won’t need to be sacrificed when it comes time to choose between them.

The latest comes from Acorp with the EM501R. It sports a Rockchip 600MHz ARM9 processor, a 5-inch screen at 480×800, and is currently running Android 1.5 (the rep at Computex states it’ll get Android 2.2 sometime down the line, but we’re not sure if it’ll be before released).

It doesn’t get us as excited as some other devices do, but if $88 sounds nice to you, then you should have no qualms (I’m also getting a bit optimistic regarding the feasibility of OLPC’s desire to get sub-$100 Android tablets onto the market).

[via Pirillo]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Worthless if they are not on the market yet. Worthless if they only have 1.5 and do not access the android market.

    Show us tablets that are on the market and reasonably priced!

  2. +1

    – Worthless only a 5 inch screen? Phones are rocking 4.1 – 4.3 inch screens now. Let’s at least get a 10 inch screen please. Why would I add another device with a similar screen size to my phone (but doesn’t have a phone) runs an obsolete OS, no access to market, etc.

  3. 1.5 is the only thing that automatically makes me say NO.

  4. I understand that there is a mad rush to come up with an a DroidPAD but come on with this outdated underspec’d crap.

  5. @Derrick: So you don’t have to deal with a phone plan, data plan….. etc?

  6. It’s actually not that bad a deal if you just want something to surf the web on the couch over wifi unless we get 10″ 2.2 tablets for $200.

  7. Its an okay device.
    Wouldn’t buy it personally.

  8. $88 when you have to buy 1000 means NOTHING to the consumer. Remember that Wholesale is only 30-40% of the end retail price. So….$88 translates into $225-250 retail. For a 1.5 tablet ? I don’t think so.

    Next !

  9. My 4 year old is CONSTANTLY wanting to play with my phone (HTC Desire) and my wife’s phone (Xperia X10). Assuming we could get the same games and video playback is decent something like this would be very handy for us. There are other users out there that a device like this would be suitable for and it doesn’t require the latest hardware.

  10. I would buy this for my parents. They dont want smartphones because of the extra cost (smartphones all require data planes). This has a bigger screen than a phone, even if it isnt 10″s. For someone who isnt tech savvy but wants a cheap internet appliance, this kind of stuff will work well.

  11. I actually like these low end devices as I can give on to my daughter.

  12. worthless. might be a good childs toy. my G1 is better at this point lol. i admire companies trying to bring us cheap devices but make them do some thing! and an 8″ screen would be more appropriate

  13. what’s with all these supposed Android tablets in the works with these tiny little screens? Embarrasing…

  14. While I’m pleased to see yet another Star Trek prediction come true, I still don’t really see how a tablet would benefit me personally when I can get something like this…

  15. I don’t know what vlc is smoking but I sure hope some of these android tablets will be cheaper than 2500 USD for that toughbook.

  16. a big red flag is that these tablets aren’t being sold by big etailers, only no-name etailers. consumers need to be able to be secure & return a product if not satisfied.

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