T-Mobile: Yea, The iPhone 4 Has Some Features, So Do Our Android Phones


In what looks to be a very pointless (and counteractive) memo, T-Mobile’s outlining the different features of some of their flagship phones (including the T-Mobile Garminfone and T-Mobile MyTouch Slide alongside the WinMo-bred HD2) up against the iPhone 4. It’s pointless because T-Mobile’s not downplaying the iPhone 4 in any way: they’re simply advertising the iPhone 4 internally.


You’d think that this kind of memo would stand to train customer service reps on how to sway their customers away from the prospect of going to AT&T for Apple’s latest device, but it’s simply telling them “yea, the iPhone 4 is out there and it does some stuff”. I’m not a marketing major – nor can I say I have any experience dealing with internal relations of any sort – but I feel the need to publicly conclude that this memo is a complete waste of time and data (I’d say paper, but T-Mobile’s gone all green and junk).

The only other conclusion I could even come up with is that this hints at the possibility of the iPhone 4 heading to the carrier, but let’s not go that far. We are an Android blog, after all, so let’s keep it moving.

[via TmoNews]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

Navigate Your World: A T-Mobile Garminfone Commercial [Video]

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  1. I find it funny how the iPhones pictured aren’t iPhone 4s.

  2. it seems to me that this is more of a selling tool for the associates to use in selling/marketing the right phone to the right person. Not a comparo. which makes me think that the rumor could be true..

  3. Though it isnt going to happen, I hope the iPhone stays off of T-Mobile. Sadly that would be a push into T-Mobile making valid movement into better phones.

  4. They seriously need to start advertising N1 because this is just embarrasing. N1 is one of the 2-3 phones that can stack up against iphone.

  5. T-Mobile could be outdo the iPhone with Android with their new “sales” free on contract if they had “true” nationwide access in the United States on par with At&t

  6. tmobile is all about comparing their wack phones with the best of other carriers. they know damn well the IP4(iphone4)(coined by this haitian named David L) is the best coming out the box. how dare they put the hd2 on the propaganda . in the land of make believe tmobiel really thinks it can win over their fleeing customers with the crap. FAIL!! ive been with tmobile for going on 8 years now and ive never felt so bad of being a tmobile customer.Tmobile should be ashamed of themselves. instead of trying get a device that tops the ip4,incredible or evo 4 theyd rather come out with crap. tmobile go eat……

  7. Thats not even the iPhone 4 in the picture, guys. Missing the flash.

  8. I don’t know. I kind of like the move. There’s no denying what the iPhone does well. But it’s not for everyone. And rather than get into a pissing match like Verizon did, why not be honest with your customers and let them decide which phone is best for them? If nothing else, you’ve earned trust and shown that you’re confident about your products.

  9. Come on people, can’t you guys see that tmobile is getting the iphone. I mean its staring you right in the face. If it was a snake it would have bit you. Lol.

  10. Who seriously cares? This is yet another pointless blog entry. I gained nothing from reading it. http://www.androidcentral.com has the same news minus the fanatical drooling that this author shows regularly shows.

  11. Jonathan.. Lets hope so!! Lets hope so! God knows the htd 2,mytouch 3g ,mytouch 3g slide,behold 2,cliq,cliq xt,garmine phone dont hold a candle to any phones from any other carrier barnone. they were first out the gate and ………they still aint isht.

  12. Ok now all thirteen people that care about the Iphone are informed.

    Iphone = no one cares.

    Go to Verizon, we dont want you Iphoney.

    Although TMO has had the Iphone in Europe since it was released, so it would make sense if Apple went TMO.

    It would also explain why TMO has released no Incredibles or Evos to outshine the second coming of messiah Jobs.


  13. Hey, don’t send it to Verizon. We don’t want it either.

  14. wow this is so sad! how does the n1 not make this? By far the most capable phone that TMO supports! is googles strangle hold on advertising that bad that they woudnt allow TMO to add the N1 to this comparison?

  15. I think the add is good. I hate adds that way underplay and basically lie about what a product supposedly cant do. iphone is good, no doubt. But not as good as android and i think thats what they are getting at

    and even if iphone came to tmobile (been a customer for 6 years now) i would never buy it. apple disgusts me

  16. hmm I really don’t care much about either t-mobile or iPhone

  17. iPhone on TMO, eh? I’m still going to leave for the Evo.

  18. I have a Nexus One running FroYo and an iPhone on OS 3. The N1 is great and I actually started using Android when it first came out with the G1. But honestly, at this point, the app market pales in comparison to the app store. The programs on the iPhone run smoother with less crashes and the interface is just more polished.

    Every time I hear a comparison to the iPhone in any way, it just tells me that this is the standard bearer.

  19. I like how they talk about Faves with the myTouch Slide.. I don’t think they sell Fave plans to new customers anymore do they ? .. I have kept my Faves plan, although I could get more minutes for the same price.. Faves was designed for someone like me, who the majority of calls are made within the 5 Fave contacts.. it’s been great for me. Probably won’t like it if they make me switch when contracts done.

  20. Not to be the spelling police here, Quentyn, but yeah is not spelled “yea”. I’ve seen you do this a few times. Yea is an affirmative (as in yea or nay), often spelled “yay” on the internet.

  21. Er, I think you kind of missed the point of the document. It looks to be simply a training document for sales reps, pointing out which customers will most likely be targeting which phones. Keep in mind not all reps are “phone guys” and in a lot of cases don’t have a clue what differentiates different devices…if I were a customer service manager I would find this a useful training doc for less experienced or tech savvy reps.

  22. https://www.t-mobile.co.uk/shop/coming-soon/iphone4/

    iPhone 4 will be on t-mobile in the near future, as a guess i would say probably around september time.

  23. idiots cant tell t mobiles getting the i phone

  24. You guys do realize T-Mobile does sell the iPhone over seas right? lol.

    As far as the iPhone on T-Mobile, the signs are there, AT&T “allowing” people to uprade early. Just them being nice? Don’t think so, their roping people in, because their contract is ending with APPLE. Why do you think they jacked the ETF to $375? To keep people from leaving. The iPhone is going somewhere else, and all hell is going to break lose. Verizon probably not the best choice, as they are very much a “DROID” company now. So between Sprint and T-Mobile, my money is on T-Mobile.

    This could be good for Android users on AT&T though, with the iPhone elseware, they’re going to have to start attracting people with decent Android phones for once.

  25. Just for clarification, the N1 IS NOT a T-MOBILE phone. You can’t buy it in a T-Mobile store. It is a phone sold by a third party that works on the T-Mobile bands.

  26. How do we even know this graphic is an official T-Mobile document and not just something some hack cobbled together just to stir the rumor pot?

  27. @ Jay Lee. T-Mobile UK already sells the iPhone. Why would it be fake?

  28. Hey Coo, the shortage of a good android phone on tmobile would be explained by this lineup with the iphone. I mean the old VP of tmobile Nick Sears is still with google leading android, so why since the G1 and original mytouch has he not showed much interest in tmobile anymore??? Seems tmobile sees a better market in Apple than Google… Well with the problems all of the top android phones are having right now…incredible and evo, I don’t blame them very much.


  30. To be honest i’m so PISS OFF at t-mobile and their WEAK ASS android phones. i would buy the iphone 4g if it came to t-mobile. i love android at heart but t-mobile is going to put me if the fucking mental hospital if they don’t bring out a DAMN HIGH END ANDROID PHONE. So make it happen soon. PLEASEEEEEEEEEEE FUCKKKKKKKKKKKKERS!!!!!

  31. What cwalker30 said!!!!! I’ve been eligible for an upgrade for 7 months, and I still can’t justify myself to buy one of these crappy phones.

  32. @Juan – TMobile doesn’t sell it in the UK – you buy the phone, then you choose the service you want. So you can choose TMobile, or any other provider in europe that you want

  33. @cwalker30 & @DE NEXUS ONE? You can buy that “through” T-Mobile on Google’s website. You get the “upgrade price”.

    @Dave Lol. I think I was typing before thinking. :) I think the point of my ranting was, it’s available. haha.

  34. or maybe this is about how TMO is getting the iphone…

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