Droid X: Same 4.3-inch Display, But Noticeably Larger Than Competitors


We knew Motorola’s Droid X would need to be at least as big as the HTC EVO 4G due to having the exact same screen size, but we’re still excited to see how the devices look when they’re put side-by-side. Thanks to our awesome members over at AndroidForums.com, we’ve been treated to that exact scenario.

droid x side-by-side 1

Even with having the same screen sizes, we can see why the Motorola Droid X is a notch taller than the EVO 4G: Motorola loves white space (I’m not sure what to call it in phone speak). Thanks to the advent of hardware buttons and obscenely large carrier branding, the Droid X could prove to be just a smidgen less pocketable than any of its competitors (to be fair, it’s still a very thin device).


It doesn’t surprise me that the Droid X doesn’t make good use of that extra space considering Motorola’s had a history of showing disregard for sleek designs (Motorola Devour, anyone?). Still, I’m sure all will be forgiven when customers pick the device up and enjoy that gorgeous 4.3-inch display.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Yeah, 4.3″ is cool I guess. But why are we not comparing it to Dell Streak’s 5″ monstrosity of a screen?

  2. I think ‘bezel’ may be the word for the white space you speak of.

  3. thats one huge phone. Maybe android phones need to be sized at 5″, so they can be sold either as tablets or phones.

  4. that thing is a SLAB! I’d still buy one tho

  5. You’ve got to have some dead space to be able to hold it in landscape mode. Looks good from here!!! I want.

  6. You wanna talk white space/bezel/wasted space? Look at the phone on the right! Plenty of real estate to make a bigger screen…

  7. That thing might be bigger, but it sure is uglier. Is it just me? I think its really an ugly, cheap looking phone. Like the desire(or N1)looks wayy better, the form-factor. what happened to that? I would prefer a 3.7inch screen that looks sexy, then a big ass phone thats ugly. The Evo might be big, but its not ugly. This DroidX is ugly. Moto, you failed yet again

  8. My bad, its the eris, but you get my idea

  9. and here I am stuck for another 16 months with the Droid (Was Extreme 12 months Ago) ! Good thing it’s a solid performer.

  10. It’s also narrower than the evo 4g based on the leaked specs that I’ve found. Personally, I’d rather have a narrower longer phone, my pockets have plenty of spare height. Also, I find it hard to believe that Motorola *likes* a large bezel, or that it was increased just to make room for a logo. Do you seriously think either is the cause of the extra height or are you being sarcastic?


  11. What is suposed to be the better device? The X, or the droid 2? I have the droid now and love the keyboard. But from what rumors I have read, the droid 2 isn’t much different from the original. Anybody ?

  12. john,

    You are rationalizing- this sumbich’ is huge ;)

    Glad I got the Inc. Better 3D is not a huge factor since power is still the issue and usability on touch interfaces.

    4.3″ is too big. Perhaps 4″ would be zen, but quite happy with the 3.7″ size. Even with the SLIGHTLY thinner size, one hand operation will not be practical for most people.

  13. This still has a better screen:bezel aspect ratio than then iphone.

  14. I’m not rationalizing, let me break it down for you. The Droid X supposedly has a front surface area of 12.53 in^2, the Evo is 12.48 in^2. That’s 0.05 in^2 difference! If anyone says that the Evo is an acceptable size but the Droid X is just WAY too big, they are deceiving themselves. On the other hand, if you think they’re both too big, that makes sense.

    I personally don’t think they are, even if they are pushing it. I’ll gladly take the Droid X over the Evo and save on my monthly bill.

  15. Will get the second generation Sprint 4G not sure about Evo fast, yes. Too Hero Like I already have a hero want something different.

  16. Also, motorola likes the 854×480 display instead of the htc standard 800×480 displays. This makes it more narrow due to the different aspect ratio. The article should have stated this in addition to the carrier branding area. Also, with this much room, I find it kind of hard to believe that they didn’t put a front facing camera ?

  17. It’s a small tablet :)

  18. simple the evo and droid x are almost the same. all is about performance. i m sure people will be suprise how droid x can perform. anyway is between iphone 4, evo 4g and droid x which one will that control?

  19. I think this phone is great. What is the big problem with the size? It might look big on camera but the fact is these phones are not that much bigger then the 3.7″ phones. When I seen the Droid on screen for the first time I thought it was going to be so huge and then I went to buy it the phone seemed kind of small compared to what I had built up in my mind. This is the phone I have been waiting for and I’m just kind of puzzled that everyone makes such a big deal out of 1/2″ size difference between this and Androids with 3.7″ screens.

  20. Awow I don’t get why some people are complaining about how big this phone and how t wont fit in your pocket when all you have to do is get a case That straps on You belt. And @JonnyB ahhh what is so ugly about a big screen phone? I mean its flat and big…hows that ugly?

  21. Why is it not compared with 4″ screen of Sony Xperia?

  22. Any by the way, thise phone is the ugliest Android I’ve seen. FAIL, no doubt.

  23. I have the EVO, and the size isn’t a problem for me, however, I can’t see myself carrying a much larger phone. It appears the Droid X may still fit into my pocket, but perhaps its pushing it a little. Think the Dell 5″ phone may cross that line.

    I can’t really complain about wasted space on the Droid X when an iPhone is in the picture.

  24. @quentyn Call it ‘negative space’. No phone company is making their phones any larger than they have to be. I’m sure the extra plastic around the screen is to fit the internal circuitry.

  25. This phone looks absolutely wonderful, nice large screen and a thin body, hopefully the battery gets pretty good life. Was planning on getting the Incredible, but held off due to it being out of stock and then I heard rumblings about this(was initially bummed about the 720mhz) then they upped it to 1Ghz. If its the same processor as the Droid, then it will work great for gaming as well. Running Android 2.1 is a great asset, now waiting for July 2 to roll around so I can play test this phone with my own hands. The incredible is wickedly fast and I hope this phone is comparable in a hands on.

  26. Honestly, who cares what the friggin thing looks like? Isn’t it about what the phone does and can do? You’d think we are talking about Italian sports cars or something…geez. I could care less if the phone looked like Bea Arthur’s ass after a high colonic, as long as it does what its supposed to do.

  27. Wow!! That is a nice looking phone.
    I have the Evo myself.
    The Motorola looks to be a little thinner then my Evo.
    But I know the plan for this Moto phone will demand a much lager stack of cash that I simply refuse to pay.
    $1400 bucks a year for a cell phone?…HELL NO!!!
    But it does look very nice. lol

  28. Is that a Droid X in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?

  29. I like all the comments, thanks guys. :)
    Good to get an overview sense of what people think of new phones.

    What I think is:
    1. it’s not huge. the iPad is huge.

    2. it may not be big enough for my uses. (I always use both hands while using my iphone 3Gs. I don’t’ text.)

    3. I agree with the comments that it’s not much different in size than 3.7″ phones.
    and that “ugly doesn’t matter, function DOES.”

    4. For me; VERY important deal-breaker question: does it have the same stupid limit the iphone does??: unable to search back more than ONE ROLLING year in calendar??

    5. BTW: Two things wrong with the iphone 4: too small. will VERY likely still have the same “unable to search back more than ONE ROLLING year in calendar” problem.

  30. I had the Evo 4G for a few days….too bad Sprint coverage sucks in my area because that’s the phone for me.

    Somehow the Motorola one does look cheap compared to the Evo….the Evo has very clean lines on the front of the phone.

    Unfortunately I seem to be stuck with ATT so all I get to pick from is the Aria or the Aria.

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