Is Sony Working Up A Google TV Companion Box Too?


From all reports, we have been led to believe that Logitech will be the sole manufacturer of Google TV set-top companion boxes at launch. Sony would handle the TVs and a Google TV-read Blu-Ray player. But a few recent images uncovered by Engadget seem to suggest that Sony will get in on the set-top box game as well. While it can’t be certain, the box in questions has been labeled as an “Internet TV Box,” very similar to the Sony Internet TV label given to their upcoming Google TV products.


The Sony box is being produced at Foxconn and gets built in Wi-Fi, and Engadget speculates that it could see a release along with other Google TV products around September 1st. It was assumed that though Google would launch with limited hardware made by specific partners that available devices would eventually open up to include units by the likes of DISH Network and others. Time will tell if we see this Sony box at launch or at a later time. More images below.

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  1. Everyone is joining in.

    Looks like it may become a success.

  2. What will be the benefit of multiple manufactures? Different inputs and outputs?

  3. The benefit of multiple manufacturers is choice. Maybe I don’t like Logitech or I think that Sony products are better made. I have the choice of who I want to give my money to. Also, with multiple competitors building off of the same platform, we get the benefit of innovation spurred by competition along with a built in standard.

  4. Cheaper prices. There will be ARM based Google TV devices as well for even cheaper.

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  6. How about a PS3 update that works as a Google TV Companion Box? I haven’t updated my firmware since they disable the OtherOS option. But that would make me reconsider.

  7. A GoogleTV integration with the PS3 would be a major shift in how entertainment is brought to the TV. Google TV is bringing the TV/Internet integration (among other things) and the PS3 could supplying the gaming. Sony could be the next big player with an all-in-one-box.

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