Couch Potatoes Rejoice: Official TVGuide.com App Launches


Are you at work all day and wondering what time you’ll be able to see Johnny break Maria’s heart? Do you need to double-check the TV schedule to see what time the Lakers and Boston will be battling on the court? TVGuide’s finally come around with the app to help you do just that.


I downloaded it from the market just now and it’s decent enough. Upon launching, you’re tasked with putting in your zip code and selecting your service provider to be sure you’re given an accurate listing of channels and shows. The app works well enough, giving you full search capabilities (including the ability to search by cast members), sorting options, and the ability to see what’s coming up to two-weeks from the current day.

You can set favorite channels and shows to make sure you find what you’re looking for faster. The app includes a news tab which seems to pull down the latest stories from their site. It’s a nifty little app if you really need to keep tabs on what’s coming through the tube while you’re away from the remote. You can find it right now in the Android market.

[TVGuide via AndroidTapp]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. This is cool, but just give me Google TV already!

  2. I’d love if you guys would put up QR codes for posts like this.

  3. Where’s the link to androidapplications.com?

  4. hmmmmmmmm. i hope it works better than directv’s guide. Trash

  5. Amen to 2 and 3…Please

  6. I 2nd Jake’s comment. Whats the point of posting articles about new apps if your not going to post the QR codes?

  7. Finally a guide that shows extended basic and premium channels. THANK you.

  8. QR code is on the AndroidTapp link.

    But I agree…QR Codes should be a standard on these types of posts.

  9. App not found. Removed?

  10. The app is apparently not working for some people (like me!!) from the comment section of the market. After I enter my zip, the app crashes. I have a Droid and I saw similar posts from people with other phones

  11. Perfect fit for this will been GoogleTV Integration. You can bet TVGuide will integrate with the remote protocol and provide you a bunch of options right from the app. How, cool would it be to find the show and then hit a button and have your TV tune there.

    Ok yes this already exists but I just find the integration between phone and TV awesome.

  12. Please give the QR code on posts like this

  13. Of course. Two days after I paid for the favorites add on for TV Listing.

  14. Yes, please, start using QR codes for applications or other things such as this. Time to move into the 21st century. :)

  15. QR codes just make sense!

  16. TV Listings for Android is a lot better.

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