X10 mini On Sale for as Cheap as Free



The Sony Ericsson X10 mini is hitting the UK mobile bands hard, now available through Carphone Warehouse for all the big carriers including O2, Orange, and T-Mobile UK. For plans starting as low as £15/month you’ll be getting the handset free of charge. You can also opt to get the mini outright for £249.99. You won’t be getting the bells and whistles of the Samsung Galaxy S or HTC EVO 4G, but you’re still getting a device exponentially more powerful than the first computer ever built. That computer took up an entire room. This phone you could easily lose in your couch cushions. How’s that for technology?

[via Engadget Mobile]

Kevin Krause
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  1. Quite normal for about any fone.

  2. The Pulse is around the same price and in my opinion is better, you can also get a Hero (off a site like buymobilephones.net) for that price now too.

  3. lol @ dbest180

    way to bring down the mood of wide-eyed marvel, dude.

    seriously though, krause, that was a bizarre direction to go with this article. lol.

  4. Thats quite good for a Sony phone.

  5. Phone is horrible way to thick

  6. Its truly raining Androids, What hope for the iPhone now ?

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