Jun 8th, 2010

After crashing Sprint’s activation system on the way to record breaking sales to the tune of 200,000 units, HTC EVO 4G stock has dried up like a puddle in the desert. You didn’t really think you would be able to waltz into a Sprint store a few days after launch and just pick one of these up, did you? If you slept on this one, try not to get too down. Just think happy thoughts and try to get yourself onto a second round of pre-orders.


If you do happen to stumble into a retailer with the EVO 4G in stock, you better hope you aren’t a current Sprint subscriber because new customers are getting priority in order to keep the cash in the coffers. Most outlets are reporting that new shipments will be arriving by the weekend or early next week, so hang tight. We’ll get through this together.

[via BGR]

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