EVO 4G Sells Out Everywhere


After crashing Sprint’s activation system on the way to record breaking sales to the tune of 200,000 units, HTC EVO 4G stock has dried up like a puddle in the desert. You didn’t really think you would be able to waltz into a Sprint store a few days after launch and just pick one of these up, did you? If you slept on this one, try not to get too down. Just think happy thoughts and try to get yourself onto a second round of pre-orders.


If you do happen to stumble into a retailer with the EVO 4G in stock, you better hope you aren’t a current Sprint subscriber because new customers are getting priority in order to keep the cash in the coffers. Most outlets are reporting that new shipments will be arriving by the weekend or early next week, so hang tight. We’ll get through this together.

[via BGR]

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  1. Doesn’t surprise me in the least bit considering it’s the best smartphone available on the market at the moment.

  2. I just got my pre order from radio shack for two evos. Should be in Friday

  3. It tells me that a 4.3″ phone isn’t too big. The TV ads so far haven’t blown me away but many people are well-informed…they can also thank those Verizon Droid ads for making Android a household name.

  4. Posting from my EVO :)

    Got it on lunch day. Second to last one at Radioshack.

  5. The ‘Shack has royally screwed up my D2U order – and no one (Including the corporate guys) know whats going on. I was supposed to get a D2U unit yesterday, but the tracking site says its “At DC” with no tracking number…. I’m afraid I got lost in the shuffle.

    Anyone else get their Direct2U shipments yet?

  6. This morning, I walked into a Sprint store in Tacoma, WA. and they actually had a few. I got one for my nephew as a graduation present. I wonder if he’ll see this post before his graduation on Saturday :)

  7. No thanks. IPhone 4 is what I want..

  8. I have one. I’ve been on the leading edge for years. I had the original Palm Pilot. My first convergence phone was Sprint’s Hitachi G1000 (wow, what a piece of crap).

    I *love* this phone. Nice beyond words. Far better than anything that I’ve owned before. I never got on the iPhone brigade. As much as I like what Steve Jobs has done for the industry, Apple has become like the Nazi party, and I just wont deal. I moved from a WinMobile Touch Pro 2. And it is like coming out of the dark.

    LOVE the phone.

  9. iphone is a piece of garbage compared to the evo….android all the way

  10. UNLIMITED EVERYTHING PLAN with my company, $89.99/ No Contracts, Join my company as an Agent, Unlocked NEW HTC phones and pre orders on EVOS now, Great Commissions.

  11. As of 3 p.m. today, the corporate Sprint store in Kingsport, TN had three left from their original shipment of 30.

  12. @Frank
    Thanks for taking the time to troll.

  13. …You’re clearly on the wrong site, Frank.

  14. We going to get an EVO vs iPhone sales comparison? Curious to how bad Steve actually got hit.

  15. Got mine on launch day at a Sprint kiosk at the mall. It is (hands down) the BEST phone on the market today. That’s including the new iPhone that was announced yesterday. As a previous iPhone user (original and 3G), I do not regret my decision to go with the HTC Evo 4G for two years. Remember, the device is only as good as the network it’s on. So sorry, Apple! Bye, bye, AT&T!! Hello, Evo!!

  16. Should be getting our 2 EVO’s in tomorrow’s shipment (2nd) at BestBuy. Expecting a call to setup our ‘appointment’ time, lmao. ~ Android FTW!

  17. OK enough with the iPhone. It’s only for AT&T anyway.

  18. I got a Incredble. Love it. But I’m glad to see other Android phones, and a HTC none the less, be successful. Android is the shiznit, and one day people will see that there’s not much more to Apple than the name. Android is right there side by side with Apple if not in front of it.

  19. I got one this week. Great alternative to the hyped up Iphone with capped data.

  20. I didn’t preorder thinking I could hit up the Sprint store when it opened that morning. Well a late start meant I had to stop by on my lunch break. I was told that the days allotment was sold out but more were expected Saturday. I put my name on the list and hit up Best Buy where they said that everybody would be sold out through two weeks. On the way back to the office the Sprint store called saying I could pick mine up immediately. So apparently either some of the preorders were no-shows or they had a little reserve stash. never been happier to be off of AT&T.

  21. I went with the Incredible cause I’m stuck on Verizon, but if the Incredible is any indication, the EVO is gotta be effing awesome!

  22. ..A ray of hope – Radioshack corporate called and said they would call me with a tracking number in the morning… Hopefully, they figured this out..

  23. Good luck Escher!

    I have the Incredible…but good lord the Evo is a beautiful thing.

  24. After watching wwdc and being underwhelmed by everything except their videochat client and gyro sensor I’m gonna stay with the evo. Now the iPhone is a great phone the GUI is intuative and easy to use. The app store has a better app store than android but amazon is just as good if not better than iTunes. Plus no iTunes and a computer needed to update the phones os huge pain! Plus no walled garden….how much more anti trust violations can apple get away with seriously it’s now the largest us tech company!

    Flash is on evo now no need to wait for froyo android 2.2 plus unlimited bandwidth as well as on sprint is a huge plus. Not being screwed over by an innovation strangling provider like AT&T with the coming cloud application’s the use of bandwidth by smartphones will only increase limiting bandwidth will kill the innovations that will make these devices the all in one entertainment , gaming and productivity devices that will replace our laptops, cableboxes, xbox’s and playstation’s.

    So I choose sprint’s evo for being the best alternative to the iPhone 3gs it’s faster has better battery life and beats the iPhone 3gs on everything but it’s on screen keyboard but that may just be my comfortablity with it since I have been using it for 3 years opposed to the 1 week with the evo (android).

    Hope this helps other iPhone users that hate AT&T and maybe looking for an alternative play around with an evo and see for yourself.

    So chose wisely

  25. As awesome as the EVO’s specs sound, I don’t think I’ll get it because I want a battery that lasts at least one full day or two before it needs a charge, and it seems too big to carry in my front pocket like I do my current phone. And I’m not getting the iPhone 4 because I still don’t think iPhone/ATT have figured out how to reliably handle voice calls.

  26. Just dumped my iPhone and bought an EVO. I’m in heaven. Thank you Google and HTC.

  27. Don’t forget that the evo is running on a 1ghz snapdragon processor and has 4x the RAM of iPhone. It is also on 4g Wimax network. dont let iPhone trick you with the 4g name. That is just 4th gen Apple technology. Not to be confused with 4th gen wireless service. Apple is for kids. Grown ups, stick with evo.

  28. Apple zealots are awfully cranky since the EVO stomped on their iPhone 4 coming out party

  29. Congrats & Welcome former iPhone’rs!

  30. I got my evo friday when they came out and I also have an iphone that my job gives me, and now whenever i have to use the iphone the only thought that comes to my head is this- ah man this phones weak. only upside on the iphone is the battery life. other than that nada.

  31. WOOHOO!!!! My Evo will be in my hands tomorrow – I’m having fedex hold it at the local depot for pickup.

    I’m glad there was one person at the ‘Shack who knew what was up – thanks Oscar!!!

  32. Frank, sorry to pop your bubble but why would u want a 4G Iphone when att is not releasing 4G until next year? You will be wasting your money and time buddy. Plus to have an Iphone att requires and extra data package of 30 bucks and at Sprint 79.99 gives you unlimited everything at anytime… Maybe you are an att employee that needs to consider applying to a sprint retail store. The EVO is the hottest phone on the market no questions asked!!

  33. I got mine yesterday, so far it is the best phone in the market, the Evo got 10 from me and Iphone got 5, the Evo has Flash in it but the Iphone does not, it is a smooth phone. I love it.

    Keep up Sprint

  34. Well here is my 2 cents. I am a former iPhone owner. I loved it. but not AT&T. so after a year of my room mate showing me his Sprint Phones. I dumped A.merican T.error& T.orture. for Sprint. and now having the EVO even the iPhone 5 ,6 or 7 need to step up a lot to compare with this phone. I love it.

  35. my birthday is today & my parents got me this HTC Evo 4G that will be coming on Friday from RadioShack :) love love love this phone! by far, it seems like the greatest phone out there. my friend has an iPhone & i hate it :/ i gotta say that HTC definitley knows what they’re doing, bc i’m super happy w this new phone! can’t wait until it’s finally in my hands!

  36. I like my htc G1, and I love the phone… but email support sucks and it has not got fixed in 2 years. I am now going back to a blackberry. If the email was able to delete items on your phone and keep them on the server the software would be perfect. I will not get a new android device until this is addressed. Otherwise yes, best system on the market.

  37. EVO 4G is for professionals, iphones are for children!

  38. Glad I hit-up the virtual store. I had a rough time over the weekend…. even had to go buy a new PS3 game to keep me from going crazy. Got it monday (shipped said tuesday) so I was so excited… activated it and haven’t turned back. Thought i’d miss my pre….. HHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHHHHAAAA!!!!11!1!

  39. I’m a Nexus One owner, but I’ve been pimping the EVO and Incredible to all my friends who prefer Sprint or Verizo n over T-Mobile. They are waiting for the iPhone4. I told them they were nuts.

  40. Lol, really they are waiting for the iPhone they sure have a big surprise coming and the fact that the at&t network is horrible good luck with that one. Anyway, I have to say I was one of the lucky ones to get myself and the misses one of these phones and all i can say is the guy at the store we got them from is happy he knows us he has a two week back order now wish you guys luck in getting it it’s well worth the wait.

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