Samsung to Take On Apple’s iPad With 8-inch and 10-inch Tablets


When we first saw Samsung’s Android-based tablet device outed by their South African Twitter account, it made a very positive impression on us. Regardless of what you think about Samsung, their support, and their TouchWiz UI, you have to admit that the Samsung Tab is a nice looking specimen.


According to the Korea Herald, that 7-inch device won’t be all we’ll see on the shelves this year. Samsung’s supposedly set to bring us an 8-inch variant this October, while they’re bringing the iPad-sized 10-inch version just in time for the Holiday season this December. The devices are expected to be headed for the company’s home in South Korea and will be equipped with wireless data connectivity radios to work with SK Telecom.

Samsung Hub describes the pricing as “aggressive” as Samsung’s undoubtedly gunning for the throne that Apple’s been sitting on for a little while, now. It’ll be interesting to see what they do on the apps side of things as there’s a clear  need to provide experiences that go well with a screen this large. Hopefully they’re holding talks with content providers leading up to the launch of the device because it’s hard to see them being able to take Apple on without any weaponry. It all begins this August when the 7-inch variant is set to take a stance on the front line.

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. It doesn’t look like the Galaxy S Tab has Super AMOLED?? :(

  2. It will be good to see what they bring out and if they will have the android market on them.

  3. would like to get some specs and an OS version, plus find out if they are going to provide marketplace access. if it’s Android 2.1+ and yes to market, I’ll buy one of the 10 inch, even if I have to import it from korea (I have friends in korea, so should not be too hard to get it. Also, assuming the reviews show favorable on the touch sensitivity…)

  4. looks like it’s running 2.1. isn’t that a live wallpaper pictured?

  5. looks like the iPhone next to the iPad but w/ SAMSUNG across the top

  6. I think I see a front facing camera…already a plus next to iPad…I know…I have an iPad.

  7. any word on specs? I sure hope this doesn’t end up being yet another “Craplet” running some old version of Android and lesser specs than my phone. It sure seems that a lot of tablets are being rushed to market with crappy specs and falling way short of the mark and standard set by the max-Ipad.

  8. Im getting so sick of people saying “it looks like an iphone, or its an ipad”, well no freaking DUH, its the same concept. its either a touchscreen phone, or a tablet. what do you want it to look like?????????? its about what it does, and what it has. the iphone looks like many phones that came before it in terms of shape and the fact that it was a rectangle with a screen. but it obviously changed the whole landscape because of what it OFFERED!! so stop crying about what it looks like and focus on what it does. cars look a like, but they cost different, do different things, different features. etc.
    wooh, sorry just had to get that out there

  9. @boxy…. I agree. “Oooh look, that sedan looks like the other sedan…” Enough already.

  10. Why such enormous borders? A 7″ or maybe even an 8″ device with really narrow borders like a phone could fit in my jacket pocket and be really useful. These look like they have been designed specifically to prevent this!

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