Qik App Pulled After Huge Influx of Users Strain Their Servers


It’s easy to forgive Qik about the hefty amount of issues users have been facing with the launch of their new two-way video calling app for the HTC EVO 4G: not even Sprint could anticipate just how many devices would be sold as their activation servers came to a halt at some point during launch day.


Qik’s stated that they’re working diligently on resolving the issues by adding more servers to handle the 20x increased volume they’re normally used to. Until that time, however, they’ve been forced to unpublish the application from the market over the weekend to keep more new EVO owners from downloading it. As of the time of this posting, they have not yet updated us on the situation, but we’ll inform you when they do.

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  1. Qik is pre-loaded on the EVO. I see it right in front of me on the one I picked up friday morning, and I never went and grabbed it (fring is better anyway).

    I think they pulled the app out of the store so that ONLY EVO users could use it for now. To much strain on the servers when people are playing with their new phones, and allowing others to grab Qik from the store is asking for trouble if they are choking under the volume.

  2. I just went to the android market via the Evo and there is yet another update. This is like the 3rd one in just as many days! Talking about not being ready! SMH!

  3. same, pre-installed on Evo, as they said back in March “All Evo’s will come with Qik”

  4. the evo qik app preinstalled on the evo does not have the video chat option. the update on the market for that is what was pulled.

  5. Yeah, the preinstalled qik doesn’t do video chat. I got an updated at one point over the weekend, but then had two icons and it didn’t do video chat. Uninstalled it and it wasn’t in marketplace anymore. I JUST NOW went in and “Qik for EVO 4G” showed up. Installed it and it replaced the icon. Looks good so far, need to wait until I get home to try video chat with my wife. This article needs to be updated.

  6. Use Fring, does skpe video and you can make phone calls through google messenger

  7. I installed the update for Evo and it keeps telling me my phone isn’t activated with qik. It will not send me the text activation link no matter how many times I click resend. :(

  8. I’d have to agree with you one this subject. Which is not something I usually do! I enjoy reading a post that will make people think. Also, thanks for allowing me to speak my mind!

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