OTA Available for the EVO 4G to Fix Issues, Break Root


Well, that was fast. After the storage card bugs we’ve been haunted with thanks to a software error with the HTC EVO 4G, Sprint has pushed an over the air update out just in time to fix the error up. The problem, if you haven’t heard, was that users were getting an error message when trying to write data to the card as it screamed out “insufficient file persmissions”.


The update is 13MB large and its version number is 1.32.651.6. We haven’t seen a detailed changelog yet, but users are also reporting that it breaks the root method that we just reported on yesterday. No word yet on which other methods this will effect, but if you don’t want to lose that ability, then you’ll have to hold off on updating for now.

If you’re not crazy like some of us and don’t fancy hacking your device, then you’ll want to download this OTA as soon as you can.

[via Engadget]

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  1. Well its a working sd card or Froyo, damn you HTC damn you.

  2. LAME. I picked up my EVO this morning. Shortly after it was activated I got a notification up of an update. I was like, “Oh crap… cancel.”

  3. got it … they’ll get root back soon enough idc right now anyway until FROYO is perfect

  4. Someone tell me if the rumors about the battery are true? Is it really that bad?

    PS: I want to hear from someone who keeps 3G, 4G, Wifi, and Bluetooth running constantly and who lives in a 4G capable area (as I don’t want to remember to cut sh*t on and off). I want to use it as it was made to use.

    Just post a comment here I’m very curious. Hmm wonder if that update will help that battery life as well?

  5. Ok, maybe I would cut off 4G unless needed. I need to make it through the entire day say 7AM – 10PM at least with a phone. I want to know if this baby can handle that.

  6. @Derrick I’d say it depends on how many apps you have running in the background. I have a task killer and kill apps that I don’t use. I have a Nexus 1 and am constantly running 3g and wifi and bluetooth. My phone lasts about a day with heavy internet usage.

  7. so many issues already, and the phone has only been available for half a day!

  8. FYI,

    This update only works on the grack root method. The root method created by toast over on XDA still works after installing the update.

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