More Shots of the Droid Xtreme Surface


Droid-Life has gotten their grubby mitts on a few more shots of the Motorola Droid Xtreme, this time giving us a better look at the back of the phone and its homescreen in action. You’ll notice the camera has a dual LED flash, is rated at 8MP, and if you squint you’ll see the “HD Video” label.


As for the new full-frontal shot you’ll see it’s running Android 2.1, further confusing the issue of which version of Android the phone will be booting at launch. It does look like the UI is tweaked with some variation of MotoBlur. Still, the photos don’t add a whole lot that we couldn’t have deduced from previous photos and leaks. What we really need is for the full spec sheet on this guy to emerge.


[via Droid-Life]

Kevin Krause
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  1. @Kevin Krause How can you tell from these photos that the device is running some variation of motoblur?

    1. @Slip85
      Well it certainly isn’t running the same stock Android as the Moto Droid or Nexus One, so there is some sort of altered UI on top

  2. @Slip85
    He is probably running off the “NinjaBlur” rumours.
    And there is nothing wrong with doing this :)

  3. Looks like it has a front facing camera too

  4. The blur you can tell from the notification bar…thats the same as the Moto Cliq. No thanks… I want Scorpion!!

  5. Am I the only one who thinks this phone is ugly? I mean, the screen size and rumored specs sound awesome, but what is that big bulbous thing on the back?

  6. It’s obvious it’s not stock Android by the Phone, App, and I assume Contact buttons at the bottom. I really wish they would just use STOCK Android on their high end phones not targeting for kiddies.

    Wish they would stick the standard layout for the button buttons as well.

  7. Why does everyone complain about Motoblur when it can be turned off completely? Can’t wait for this phone to be released I wish VZW would announce it officially already.

  8. @ Paul T Its the motorola sign the wing in the circle

  9. Wow. That is totally hideous looking.

  10. What are the slit and hole for in the bottom of the back of the phone? Aside from that,I like.

  11. im so pissed that i just got the incredible and now this is coming out

  12. These are crappy photos guys, wait for something decent.
    YES FRONT FACING CAMERA like the Incredible, and HD Video (improvement over Incredible!)

    Looking good guys (motorola)!

  13. These are pics of the old hardware…….

  14. This have front camera which makes it perfect. if the ninjablur can bring some magic this will be the best

  15. Zach:

    People complain about Blur because 1) you have to go to the trouble of turning it off and 2) Most importantly, once Motorola commits to making a Blur phone, when an update comes out they have to make Blur work with the new version, thus delaying the release on those phones. Well, at least that’s the theory. Still took them some time to get it onto the Droid. Although they haven’t put 2.1 on the Devour yet so I guess it does take a while.

    My beef is with them changing around the “physical” buttons all the time. Can’t everyone come up with a configuration and stick to it?

  16. Me I hope you are right because this phone alittle small and well not so cool from what has been said about the new Droid….well we will soon see I am wonder if AT&t will beat Verizon being the next 4g carrier? Hummmm

  17. You all sure that’s a front facing camera and not a light sensor?

  18. I dont see where people are seeing a front facing camera. The first pic is obviously of the BACK of the phone.

  19. @Spencer, I highly doubt that is a front facing camera. Looks more like a proximity of photo sensor than anything.

    @Hans, I’m sure the hole in the back is for an external antenna. Pretty much every phone has one, but they are either under the battery door or a rubber cap.

    I prefer Motorola’s build quality over HTC any day of the week. VZW, launch this damn phone already.

  20. @Paul T

    I don’t think you are the only one, but I do think you are wrong about it being ugly.

  21. Verizon definitely has AT&T beat with a 4G network. As far as this phone, I think it’s awesome… and if they have the front facing camera, that’s the gravy!! It sucks the leaks keep happening, but hey, it’s enough to make me want to put this one on the anniversary list… 5 whole years on June 17th. Now MOTO just needs to make an Android tablet and I’m in heaven.

  22. Hey Guys when i look at the photo it looks like theres a sliding keyboard…..I hope im wrong because I hate keyboards.

  23. Looks like it’s not vanilla…

  24. Wow. I am even more cofused than i was before. I thought the shadown/xtreme was supposed to be the tablet phone and the droid 2 was the one with the slideout qwerty. Im starting to think droid 2 and xtreme are the same device. Anyway, i still have a crush on the galaxy s, even though it looks like the iphone. I know it will never make it to verizon :/.

  25. @Mensah, July 2010 is 4G Network deployment of VZW. 3 months ahead of market launch by October (4G laptop, tablets, netbook, dongle). 2Q 2011 is when LTE Phones coming out. No doubt VZW is way way ahead on LTE than ATT.

  26. I want it! too bad I am switching to ATT…

  27. if only it had a keyboard…

  28. I might get this over the droid 2 just for the fact that it doesn’t have a keyboard. The original droid keyboard was horrid as are most phone keyboards IMO. I’m loving the latest touch screen ones like on the incredible though. I’m just curious what the specs differences between this and the Droid2 are.

  29. cool Iam thats really cool-I just hope that the new Droids are 4g phones y0. I believe that Verizon will be the best place to get 4g-just like they where with 3g…

  30. I wouldn’t expect a port of blur to 2.2 to be nearly as troublesome as the port to 2.1. If they didn’t restructure the blur code to make it more portable, I’m sure heads will end up rolling because no management wants to pay for the same thing twice. As for the phone, hard to tell from these photos, but it looks nice enough. Seems like a noise cancellation mic on back, which is nice. And no, that doesn’t look like a front facing camera, but rather an ambient light sensor. I haven’t seen a Moto phone for the US with a front facing camera yet, so far as I can recall, and don’t see any networks asking for them. They’re more popular with European and Asian carriers.

  31. Hmm…I doubt when this comes out whenever it does(July?) that the Incredible will be any cheaper…plus I only have early upgrade option which forces me to go via VWZ direct.

    Hmm…just a good chunk of money upfront…

  32. i believe that the reason there hasnt been a front facing camera phone is because most networks (main reason or not) have been waiting to have the network support the capability for … what would be some main points for a front facing camera??? video conference?? video messaging (more than 15 seconds) ?? my opinion that when networks move to lte they will start putting forth the requests to the manufacturers… just a guess.


  34. Please guy come to active this forum we need you. gsmarena.com for any motorola fan. thanx.

  35. i’d rather have the 1.5 ghz scorpion than this 700 mhz device

  36. When is this new phone coming out?

  37. Looks like the Razr’s second coming!

  38. Post says this is running android 2.1 but it looks like 2.2 to me.

  39. does anyone have that wallpaper?

  40. @Ross, Seems more like a rear speakerphone than noise cancelation. And it’s NOT a front facing camera, it’s either a photosensor or proximity sensor…So I’m with you on that one.

  41. @Ross, nevermind…I drank too much and I couldn’t find the hole. I see it now. :P

  42. what firmware version is this?

  43. For all you over excited about this phone or the confusion of the droid 2/ possibly it being the xtreme and or the shadow. On other news due to my job I deal with 3 out of 4 of the big 4 carriers and as much as you people complain about motoblur its the new thing for the younger gen so you either wait for realistic details or give up and wait for the phone you want without it. On the 4g LTE my source from the stores management who go to the conferences and e-mails is LTE will not be up till the fall- winter the 4g phones will not release till 2q of 2011. It is even said that 4 LTE will not be unlimited now like most of us verizon customers get datas unlimited for 29.99 in addition to talk and or talk/txt. The varied rumors on this phone are saying late june or release in July to likely have another DROID compete with the new Iphone sofware and phone release.

  44. Dam Droid keyboard sure…hope the new ones have 2.2 because this little spell check thing can be a pain in the ass y0

  45. The two holes on the back, larger one obviously for the loudspeaker, smaller one a second mic for noise cancellation during calls, like the nexus one has, and for sound recording when capturing video.

  46. I’m just wondering if the phone officially does have a front camera. It’s hard to tell from the picture and its not listed on the specs from various sites I’ve been to.

  47. No Keyboard?

    Motorola adults buy phones too, but we have to be able to do work not just play.

  48. this cellphone looks extremely manly…poor women, still no Android choice

  49. hopefully “NinjaBlur” wont suck ass because im def getting this phone

  50. @John, the Xperia X10 series of Android phones seems to appeal greatly to females. A friend just got the X10 mini and she loves it.

    @Steve, the Droid has a slide out keyboard, as does the X10 mini pro and I believe one of the Samsung Androids does too.

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