RadioShack Starts Second Round of EVO 4G Pre-Orders Due to “Insane Demand”



Citing “insane demand” and the HTC EVO 4G flying off shelves quicker than you can say “America’s first 4G phone,” RadioShack is starting a second round of pre-orders for Sprint’s WiMAX smartphone tomorrow. The new shipment of phones is expected to arrive in stores next Friday, so if you missed your chance today and want to make sure you get a piece of the $199 without a mail in rebate EVO action at the Shack you better act quick.

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  1. glad i got mine today…..sick ass phone alot better than i expected ;)

  2. It looks like best buys online store also sold out. All the stores in my area are also sold out. The is really shocking due because every store was stocked with a lot of EVO’s

  3. I’ve been in search of one as well. All BB and RadioShacks around here claim to be sold out. There’s no way that many units sold, given the supposedly huge inventories that were boasted. Oh well.

  4. Believe it, there were at least 20 people at BB waiting when I left this morning after getting mine at 11am. They opened at 10.

  5. I picked up 3 EVO’s at 11am pacific today at a Seattle Radioshack and it was pretty crazy. Line of about 10 other people waiting for activation in front of me when i arrived for my ‘appointment’ time. Took about 90 minutes to get it all done, and then 2 of the phones took another 1-3hr to actually complete the hands free activation.

    radioshack people were extremely nice and bending over backwards though to make the best of the situation. They gave me extra discount($10 on each phone) even on top of the instant rebate and $20 accessories giftcard for pre-ordering.

    All in all, it’s what i expected, this phone was hyped pretty heavily. And we all knew it would be a mad house on day one and that sprints network would tank on and off during it.

    In the end, was it worth it? HELL YES! this phone is simply amazing, and with task killer running, im on hour 6 now of pretty much constant use, with a good portion of it using 4G even..

  6. Got mines at radioshack at 7 am at radioshack.

  7. Matrix, Radioshack is most certainly out of stock. The national wharehouse for customer direct ships was sold out by 10am PT. And they only sell those once those store stock is out. My store had about 15 including 10 preorders and were out of stock by 8am after a 6am opening.

  8. Radio Shack here had 2 when I called, one when I got there, and 0 after I bought mine. Its making me very happy. I wonder if when they’ll release 1st day/weekend sales numbers.

  9. How many did each store around you guys get? I was at the Sprint store at my local mall and they said they only got 30-some EVOs, seemed like way too little, they sold out of ‘course tho. They said another store (in a somewhat wealthier area) got about 2x as many as them, haven’t really asked at Best Buy or Radio Shack but I wouldn’t be surprised if they’re getting more EVOs and moving more stock around here than the Sprint stores themselves. Mine’s still in the mail. :/ ‘Least i’m saving myself $110+!

  10. how many were sold ?

  11. the radioshack near my house told me they had about 20 preorders and they put aside 3 for people who didn’t preorder. I fell into the latter group– good thing i got there at 730am. Phone rocks!

  12. I ended up deciding to “Pre-order” one from RS today. It’ll come in on Friday! Yay!

  13. One of those rare instances where going to Walmart for a phone may be a benefit.

  14. Here in Dallas most stores got 60-80 units a piece. The store I went to is one of the highest volume stores in North Texas. The General Manager (usually over a few stores) and Regional Manager (All of North Texas and Oklahoma) were there… big deal. Anyways, the store had 250 units and sold out in less than 8 hours. Stores opened at 0800 and were sold out by 1700 CDT… needless to say this was Sprint’s big day and rightfully so.

  15. I’m a radioshack store manager. I never saw a phone move so fast out of my cage before. We still have one in stock in my store. I havent started a preorder in my store yet until I sell the one in my cage. 25+ went out the door yesterday.

  16. The amount each radioshack store received for inventory depended on how many presales they received previous. My store only did 11 presales we received 25 phones total. The next store close to me (mostly an ATT place) only got one preorder and only received two evos.

  17. I finally got one at RadioShack. If you call around, you can usually find one. It looks like tons of these really did sell, but there are still a few left if you look hard enough, given how many RS stores there are out there. I’m an existing Sprint customer and I only paid $199 total to upgrade my line.

  18. I got one at RS in mid-town NYC. Place was a zoo(long waits due to “system overload”.) I was told they got 11 preorders(inc. me)and about 40 units total. They were porting from ATT alot which makes perfect sense due to congestion from iphones. BTW, the phone is a BEAST which i think kicks the crap out of my now retired iphone. The screen is HUGE and much clearer and even ex 4g is SO much faster. Well done Dan Hesse!!

  19. I got one on launch day at 6:00 Eastern time (orlando). My first Android phone (coming from a samsung instinct (blech!)) and I am so rediculously happy with this phone. I was going to leave sprint to get an android phone and held out when I heard about the EVO. Im glad I did. I didnt want to leave sprint in the first place. I get good reception and the unlimited data/txt/etc is just too good of a deal. I was going to switch because of their lackluster phones, but the EVO just kills that completely. 2 weeks ago I called sprint randomly to ask how late their CS reps accept calls (to prepare for the EVO and a line switch occuring on EVO launch day) and the rep gave me a $70 credit to my account for NO REASON. Just out of the blue. They are really trying to keep their customers and I wont complain about their incentives. Say what you will about sprint. I will be a customer until I have good reason not to be. Not to mention I have the most feature rich and advanced phone on the planet…for now :)

  20. Friend works at RS – their district was virtually sold out on Friday. Just a few pre-orders waiting for pickup. We decided to go for the Samsung Moment as it was a lot less expensive than EVO and didn’t get stuck with the extra $10.00 data plan.

    Our friend said some of their stores were open at 6am. Early activations went ok, but as the various markets came on line (east coast, central etc) everyones inhouse systems got bogged down.

    I am not sure how many phones SPrint sold, but it had to be a boat load.

    The real test will come this Friday after WWDC and the new iPhone announcement. More pre-orders being taken if it holds up thru next weekend (fathers day) Sprint will have a sales monster in thir hands.

  21. I was able to get mine at the Wal-Mart in Saline Michigan at 930 pm on the 4th. They said they had just recieved their phones at 8:00 pm that night. I went back over there the next day at noon to get one for my fiance and they were sold out. They had 20 the night before! It’s insane! Best phone ever though!

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