T-Mobile Shows You How to Use Your New MyTouch 3G Slide [Videos]


The MyTouch 3G Slide launched yesterday, and I’m sure there are a good handful of people excited about their new device. T-Mobile’s uploaded a series of how-to videos to YouTube last week highlighting the different things you can do using the Faves Gallery or the Genius Button.

They took a large cue out of Apple’s book with the music and presentation, but that’s a good thing. It serves a dual purpose for showing new owners how to use their device, as well as showing potential buyers the types of things they can do with the phone. Spring over to their YouTube channel for the full offering of videos.

[via Androinica]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. The lifeless hand is creepy and distracting

  2. hahaha, it totally is. i couldn’t stop looking at it.

  3. I’m getting mine tomorrow …!!!!!!!
    Payday…. Lol

  4. it’s a real hand (you could see the flesh move in a close up when she pressed a button), but they have the phone attached to it so the model doesn’t have to actually hold it and risk obscuring the phone in any way. But WHAT is with the hand model they used?! Holy crap, I’ve got better looking hands than that and I’ve got arthritis!! Geez, Tmo, pay for a decent hand model, for crying out loud…

  5. I almost talked myself into getting the mt3g slide and then I saw it in person. Not bad, but I was in the store as my sister was picking up her evo, and wow is tmobile on the short end of the stick. It makes the slide look like a phone better suited for a toddler. The evo is amazing and we need something comparable and fast. And NO, the slide is not in any shape or form anywhere near the evo. Tmobile please, we need a high end device by htc, the galaxy will not do!!!!

  6. yeah, it’s like the zombie hand of mr. rogers with that sweater cuff. *shudder*

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