Catch the World Cup Live on Your EVO 4G


Any fútbol fans out there? If you are, then you no doubt are foaming at the mouth for the upcoming 2010 FIFA World Cup, which kicks off a week from today. Can’t make it to South Africa to catch some matches in person or just too busy to settle down and take in all of the action from the comfort of your living room? Sprint has you covered, as live World Cup coverage through ESPN Mobile TV is coming to a handset near you. And what better handset to experience it with than the HTC EVO 4G?


Imagine taking in the crisp and clear action streamed at 4G speed to a beautiful 4.3-inch display. It won’t beat a 50″  HD big screen, but hey, if you flip out the kickstand and put your face close enough to your EVO it just might come close.

You get access to the opening ceremonies taking place June 10th, 56 live World Cup games, the semifinal matches occurring July 6-7, and the final match on July 11, and it is already included with your $69.99 Everything Data plan.


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  1. My hatred for you has no name or description. Anyone willing to give me a free HTC Evo 4G?

  2. You forgot to mention that the EVO also scores with the ladies!

  3. A review of World Cup apps for Android would be really usefull….. Hint…Hint…

  4. Not very often do I feel like going to sprint… this is one of those times

  5. Hell yeah. Love the World Cup and seeing it on the EVO will be icing on the cake.

    Join the EVOlution.

  6. Shouldn’t it be possible to display that on the 50″ HD screen with the HDMI Cable?

  7. I’m hating on anyone has the EVO.!!!!!

  8. Is ESPN mobile TV an app that is put on the EVO automatically? Or is it something we have to get from the marketplace? I don’t have an android yet (the evo will be my first), so i’m just curious as to how I will be able to get this.

  9. @tabo The HDMI TV out does not work with sprint TV.

  10. Remember its’ a 79.99 plan with the EVO

  11. Football is spelled Football, can we not disrespect the sport, it was here long before pig-skin throwing

  12. This makes me that much happier that I pre-ordered the EVO. Can’t wait for the World Cup to start

  13. @Rimzy – agreed. Football has been called, and spelled, “Football” in the English-speaking world outside of USA for a long time. I’m actually a bit annoyed when I have to call Football “soccer” to avoid confusion on American-centric sites. In any case, I’ve been checking up on World Cup apps in the run-up to the competition. Some of the better free football or WC apps that work with OS 1.5 [sadly, that’s what I have] are “Soccer Livescores”, “World DroidCup”, Africa10″, “FotMob” [v.4.0, v.5.0, and the purely World Cup version].

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  15. So envious right now. I own a nexus and I am trying to hold off from getting this phone lol.

  16. WILL
    Its already on the phone…just go to sprint tv in your app drawer, then click on featured and there it is. Hope that helps

  17. Watching now on my EVO!!!!! South Africa vs. Mexico!!! Sweet!!!

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