Does the HTC Legend Screen Have Poor Grayscale Reproduction?


After some reports of issues with grayscale representation on the AMOLED screen used for the HTC Legend, Tweakers decided to run some tests to determine if there was in fact an issue with the display. Their results showed that across two separate Legends, grayscale was represented as a combination of black, white, and other colors. These color were typically a pale pink, green, gray, or brown. When compared to the HTC Hero and the iPhone, something definitely looks off.


They were unable to determine whether the color issues arise from the actual display or the way it is calibrated in the handset, but they did deduce it is operating a low maximum brightness level compared to the other phones tested.

Similar problems have been reported with the HTC Desire, though Tweakers was unable to run a test on that device. Any Legend owners out there experiencing issues when looking at shades of gray on your screen?

[via Tweakers]

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  1. does the incredible have this same issue? i thought the desire and incredible used the same AMOLED panel.

  2. Yes and this is ooh so relevant because we all know how much everyone loves to do everything in gray scale on their phones. This whole color thing is just a waste of time. >facepalm<

    1. @darkseider

      Even when a display is in color, there are still going to be elements that appear as some shade of gray, and those shades of gray are still affected by the issue. Take a look at the link for the HTC Desire issues in the post to see how this could effect typical web browsing.

  3. I have found with my Legend that when the brightness is set to a low level (less than 10%) the colors get a bit funky, but not when the brightness is at a “normal” level.

  4. I think its all HTC phones. I have an Incredible and I’ve long since noticed that when browsing the web there is a reddish ting to everything and especially gray elements. Really I didn’t know how to describe the tint but it looks just like whats pictured above. I don’t mind it as it doesn’t mess up anything but some people may dislike it. I just thought it was an issue or effect of AMOLED.

  5. @Darkseider Waste of time? You buy a very expensive Legend or Desire and the display is not capable of showing correct greyscale colors? Sorry, but this IS fu**ing important!

  6. Well its not that its poor but the amoled displays have a warmer tone so the white when compared to LCD screens doesn’t look so white… its a has its flaws and strengths. Some colors pop and others look inaccurate.

  7. @Darkseider I’m with you it’s basically more defamatory material for the latest Android phones by iDiots who are either easily manipulated by advertising or kicking themselves for tying themselves to an obsolete phone for another 18 months.

  8. @Cpt. K && @Darkseider Why isn’t grey scale important? How about anything that needs a black background? or images that have grey in them and show up pink? wth

  9. Something else I noticed. I only notice this in the web browser. I was using the market a minute ago and the gray at the top of the market app looks fine. Of course I didn’t have anything to use as reference. I also have a 22in monitor at home with a similar problem. Does anyone know if theres a known explanation for this in general?

  10. @Phil I have an Incredible and I don’t have such a tint. Grays actually look like grays. So you might want to call VZW because a few other friends also have Incredibles and they don’t have that problem ither

  11. Greyscale performance indicates the ability to display colors accurately, in particular skin tones. This is important in order to deliver video and image content to the mobile device Accurately. In particular the ability to show video content with humans in it accurately. Ever see a TV showing a person bright pink or bright orange etc? That is what this is about.

  12. The issue here is what looks good over what is accurate. Many people find the warmer colors look better they really don’t care what is accurate. This reminds me of the first time I was hanging up something on the wall for my wife. Me: “Look at the level it is perfectly level”…wife: “nope it looks crooked, move the left side up a bit.” It didn’t matter if it was level or not to her, what mattered was if it looked good to her.

  13. I have had the HTC desire since day 1 and havn’t had any problems with greyscale, come to think about it, I havn’t had 1 single problem.

  14. My Desire ( and like every Desire ) does have the pink issue. It’s just inherent to that type of display. It only occurs at brightness level below 15%. Translation: I don’t care, this small issue is nothing compared to the advantages it gives in my humble opinion. Very happy with my Desire btw.

  15. @TPR300C Thanks for the heads up. In that case I think I’m gonna stop by Verizon and look at a display model and compare. I haven’t compared it to anyone elses Inc so maybe its just mine.

  16. When in maximum dim mode the OLED screens used in the Legend/Desire/N1 does tend to get a bit strange looking, but the phone never gets this dim in normal use when on the auto brightness setting.

    The only time mine is that dim is just before the screen lock is applied, or when I use the Dimmer app to induce the lowest possible level for browsing after dark.

    I assume the fact that the pixels themselves are doing the lighting comes into play at very low outputs and the differences in response between the red, green & blue components comes into play slightly.

    Simply put, in normal use the greyscale reproduction is just peachy.

    Nothing to see, move along.

  17. I just purchased two HTC Arias from AT&T for my wife and I, and although they were bought from the same store at the same time, my wifes has a warmer “brown” hue to it. Whereas mine is much whiter in all respects. Alone each one looks good, but side by side they are very different…

    Should I take em back? Is that normal for HTC phones?

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