Jun 2nd, 2010

After some reports of issues with grayscale representation on the AMOLED screen used for the HTC Legend, Tweakers decided to run some tests to determine if there was in fact an issue with the display. Their results showed that across two separate Legends, grayscale was represented as a combination of black, white, and other colors. These color were typically a pale pink, green, gray, or brown. When compared to the HTC Hero and the iPhone, something definitely looks off.


They were unable to determine whether the color issues arise from the actual display or the way it is calibrated in the handset, but they did deduce it is operating a low maximum brightness level compared to the other phones tested.

Similar problems have been reported with the HTC Desire, though Tweakers was unable to run a test on that device. Any Legend owners out there experiencing issues when looking at shades of gray on your screen?

[via Tweakers]

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