[Update: Best Buy, Too] EVO 4G’s Marching Into Sprint Stores


With just two days to go until Sprint unleashes the HTC EVO 4G, they’ve unsurprisingly began stacking boxes upon boxes filled with the phones in all their stores. Android Central member BigRick10 caught a glimpse of the army of phones sitting in a backroom just waiting to be distributed to hungry customers this Friday.


They’re claiming that the phones pictured might even be part of a partial shipment intended for just one store: that must be one popular Sprint store if they’ll really need that many phones to keep on hand for June 4th. This could be the reason why Sprint has yet to announce any pre-order details: they’ve probably had a ton of these phones manufactured to ensure everyone can get one this Friday.

[Update]: Best Buy is starting to get their shipments in, as well, and it’s just as plentiful as what Sprint’s getting. Why oh why can’t they just let these go one day early? [thanks, Engadget]

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  1. i want one! they’re not gonna notice one box missing!
    i wish i was driving that delivery truck!!
    we’ll probably have to wait for another year before we get this one here in australia! (unless telstra releases it on it’s NextG)

  2. t-minus 40hours and counting

  3. All Radio Shacks across the country are going to have 1 – 3 Evo’s available for walk-in customers. Some of the stores are going to open as early as 6am June 4th.

  4. Phandroid Should put up a doomsday ooops i mean a EVO countdown on the front page. Maybe the shipment is for the Bestbuy in NYC 23rd and 6th and the sprint store which is really just around the corner of it please say soo pleaseee.

  5. im glad i reserved two of them two weeks ago at best buy!!!

  6. that picture brought a tear to my eye. it’s soo.. so.

  7. I count 70 Evos there, that sounds about right. I talked to a Sprint Store Manager in the DFW are last week and he expected a similiar quantity Evos as he had for the Palm Pre release last year, about 60.

  8. (sp) DFW *area last week…
    woops no edit option to correct spelling

  9. Delivered a few boxs to each radio shack on my rte. One even opened one up, turned it on and let me play with it. Amazing phone. I also pre ordered 2

  10. I don’t want to pre-order my freakin phone.
    I’ve call three radio shacks to see if they are taking walk-ins and they told me that they have sold out and will order me a phone for NEXT SATURDAY. WTF!!
    They are tripping down here in Florida.

  11. So the packaging did end up looking like asian noodles should be inside.

  12. already got my evo yesterday.

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