T-Mobile CEO Robert Dotson To Resign After 15 Years Of Service


dotsonWhile the transition won’t take place until May 2011, CEO of T-Mobile USA – Robert Dotson – has announced he will move onto other opportunities. He leaves the company with a 1 year window provide a smooth transition to his successor, Phillip Humm. T-Mobile sent me the following press release:

T-Mobile USA CEO Robert Dotson to Leave Company in May 2011;
Philipp Humm Named as CEO Designate

DT CEO René Obermann: Respect for Dotson Decision;
DT Confirms Commitment to U.S. Business

BELLEVUE, Wash. — May 25, 2010 — Robert Dotson, president and chief executive officer of T-Mobile USA, Inc., has informed Deutsche Telekom (DT) of his intent to transition to new opportunities in 2011 after 15 years of service with T-Mobile USA. In order to ensure a smooth transition of leadership, Dotson has committed to stay actively engaged in the business until
May 2011. His designated successor is Philipp Humm, an experienced DT executive and former CEO of T-Mobile Deutschland. Humm is currently responsible for sales and service in Europe as chief regional officer (CRO) Europe. After a period of transition with Dotson, it’s the intention that Humm will take over as CEO of T-Mobile USA in February 2011, while Dotson will remain on as a T-Mobile USA non-executive board member until May 2011.

“For 15 years it has been a privilege to lead the talented T-Mobile USA team in its journey to become a leading U.S. wireless provider. The time is right to ensure a thoughtful leadership transition to position T-Mobile USA for the next 15 years of opportunity,” Dotson said. “It has long been my intent to step away from the business at this stage in my life in order to devote more time to family and to take on entirely new and unique challenges. That change can only be made possible if a suitable successor is in place. Over the next year, it will be my relentless focus and responsibility to work closely with Philipp to ensure marketplace success, and to enable a seamless leadership transition.”

René Obermann, CEO of Deutsche Telekom, said, “I sincerely regret Robert’s decision to leave, however I absolutely respect his decision, and am most grateful that he has offered to stay on for another year in order to work with Philipp to ensure continuity in running the business. Robert’s pioneering leadership in establishing T-Mobile USA as one of the leading players in the U.S. mobile market has not only been recognized by us at Deutsche Telekom, but by the industry as a whole. An agile mind, business acumen, strong leadership, entrepreneurial spirit and team work – these are some of the many excellent qualities that have made Robert such an invaluable leader within the DT Group.”

Coming to T-Mobile USA as president and CEO designate, effective July 1, 2010, Humm brings significant experience in the U.S. marketplace. Before joining Deutsche Telekom, Humm worked for ten years for a number of U.S.-based companies including McKinsey & Company, Procter & Gamble, and Amazon in senior level positions. Humm has since served as CEO of
T-Mobile Deutschland from 2005 until 2008. He took over a company in a declining market and successfully turned it around during his tenure to become Germany’s leading mobile operator in both subscribers as well as service revenues. He was also responsible for the successful market introduction of the iPhone® in Germany in 2007.

Humm, 50, has strong international experience, and in his present position as CRO Europe, he is responsible for international sales and customer service, as well as steering the five national mobile companies in Austria, the Czech Republic, the Netherlands, the UK and Poland. In this role he has played a pivotal part in the recent, successful establishment of the joint venture in the United Kingdom between T-Mobile UK and Orange UK of France Telekom.

“With Philipp, we have an excellent leader with an outstanding track record in the mobile industry,” Obermann added. “During his five years at Deutsche Telekom, Philipp has proven bold leadership and intense determination to succeed. His strong vision within the industry as well as his courage to transform, combined with his entrepreneurial qualities, ensures that he has all the credentials to lead T-Mobile USA as a strong competitor in a very dynamic market. I am more than confident that both Robert and Philipp will work closely together to create a smooth transition of leadership, as well as moving the business forward.”

Humm said, “It is a privilege for me to take over the reins from an established leader such as Robert. I look forward to working with him and the T-Mobile USA team during the transition phase, and I relish the prospect of leading such a proud company as T-Mobile USA – a force to be reckoned with in one of the largest markets in the world. It is a great challenge, and I am grateful for having been given the chance to make a difference.”

We can’t forget that in the past couple years, Dotson helped pioneer the Android movement as his company was the very first to launch an Android Phone and continues playing an integral part in the global Android movement. The fact that he can even provide a 1-year transition period tells you how well respected he is at T-Mobile.

If you don’t believe me… try it yourself. Walk up to your boss and tell them, “Hi… I’m going to quit today, but I want to let you know that I’ll be here for 12 more months so you can find a suitable replacement and so I can teach them the ins and outs of this job.” Let me know how that works out for you.

Good luck to both Mr. Dotson and Mr. Humm!

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  1. One must wonder if T-Mobiles way of doing business might change because of this?

  2. Hopefully TMobile will continue to push Android. Recently however no new phones seem to be future coming to TMobile. The last one being the Nexus One. Anyone know of any good Tmobile phones upcoming?


  4. TMO was the last company to roll out 3G and is still severly lacking in handsets. The HTC HD2 is a joke. Yes its a great phone but who wants windows 6.5 when Windows 7 is just around the corner. In all honesty TMO needed to launch the HD2 18-months ago and if thet really wanted to keep up with the others would have put android in it rather than Windows. The release of the forst android phone, the G1 was a great move for them, but they have fallen so far behind the other carriers in the abdroid arena that its sad. TMO is working hard to push the HSPA+ and if their marketing department would get off their ass and promote this, it would be a great thing but I doubt it. I hope the Phillip realizes that while price and coverage are important, may people will jump ship for the right phone. TMO has lost sooooo many customers to Verizon and sprint because they have the EVO and incredibe and AT&T of course has the iphone. TMO has??? UG The my touch slide will be a great mid level phone and the Garmon will sell to a nitch, but come on, TMO really needs the high end phones and they needed them before their competitors.

  5. Hahhahah I laugh at you fools who are so naive and put TMobile down. Do you have fact based proof that T Mobile has lost many people to verizon or sprint?? Did you fools not realize that the ONLY thing keeping sprint above water is that pathetic I phone? And now that the contract is almost up, they will fail at business. And Verizon? The ONLY thing they have is coverage! And guess what?! Tmobile covers not only where verizon does, but where they don’t as well! So shut your faces and get your facts straight before you run your mouth.

  6. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – the problem Tmo has is their marketing department. Can THEM.

  7. Melly:
    Verizon has better coverage, and better phones. The arguments here are TMO sells outdated phones but has lower monthly rates and decent coverage. Even the guy who sold me my outdated TMO phone at the TMO admitted that Verizon’s coverage is better.

    Besides, when talking about phones, isn’t coverage a pretty important thing?

  8. The customer service & engineering team at T-Mobile is so lazy and insufficient. Hopefully, that Deutschland Man can ralley the forces together to produce a better work ethic. In the interim, I’m leaving. Good luck!

  9. Yes Verizon has better coverage but tmobile has better rates y would I want to pay more if I don’t live where other coverage is I get coverage where I’m at thts all I need

  10. Listen very carefully to this complaint because it will be going public. All my friends and family have T mobile and reguardless what you have offered them blood runs much thicker in the south than any mobile service. We know that if one person can be ignored with a very important money payment matter than many people can. I was treated like I was an idiot and that I didn’t know what I was talking about, but I can assure You Mr. Dotson that I do know what I’m talking about. You took an unauthorized payment from my accout instead of the account I’ve been using for over 2 years, but according to you no one could have done that without authorization.

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