AT&T Nexus One Suffered a One Day Shortage


I was surprised to see reports that the AT&T-compatible Nexus One was unavailable for purchase at Google’s yet-to-be-yanked phone store. At one point, many believed Google was preparing to clean out their online stock to begin the trek to retail stores, but it seems it was just a small hiccup in inventory.


I went to the site to check it out just hours after those reports surfaced and I had no problem getting to the final checkout stage to receive an AT&T Nexus One (I didn’t actually go through with buying it, of course). So fear not – you can still order a Nexus One just as easily as you’ve been able to… for now.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. you mean that the store is still online and selling !!! i gotta buy myself a nexus one

  2. My understanding is that they are trying to get Nexus One into a different way of selling and won’t close down their own store until they have that in place.

  3. I ordered my N1 from google on the May 23rd and got it May 25th. Better get ’em while the gettin’s still good…

  4. I fail to see the advantage of paying nearly $600 for a phone simply because you don’t want to sign a 2yr contract. Yes – the phone isn’t available on AT&T – BUT if not signing an AT&T contract is your issue, then walk over to T-Mobile.

    The other thing is: If the contract price is $199 and you’re saving nearly $400 – that pays your mandatory data plan cost for an entire year. A data plan that you have to get anyway in order to actually use the phone away from wifi.

    It seems like it’s tempting if and only if you are locked down with AT&T currently. If you have some patience there’s the Dell Streak and Aero coming — along with the rumored HTC Desire (see “slicker version of N1” for reference).

  5. We can only HOPE that the HTC Desire will be coming to ATT! The Aero is crap and the Streak is way to big for a daily use phone!

    If I had the money I would buy an ATT N1. To get out of my family contract is still over $300.00! So, I can’t abandon ATT to go to Verizon yet. Besides, with the CyanogenMod5 on my G1(it ROCKS) I use data and voice the same time A LOT!!!!

  6. @Simon
    I do not understand your point at all.

    Without contract, you can get phone+unlimited data plan on T-Mobile for $55/mo. With contract, the cheapest plan is $80/mo.

    The break-even point is about 1 year. You are signing a 2 year contract. One can save $300 by buying the phone directly without contract.

    The math is clear that consumer can save more by buying the device directly. Remember, the money to subsidizing the phone comes out of consumer’s pocket, and they actually make you pay more by subsidizing the phone.

  7. He was speaking to those buying the N1 to use it with AT&T, on AT&T you pay the same whether you buy the N1 or any subsidized phone directly from AT&T… I was on the verge of getting a N1 (sick and tired of waiting for AT&T to release anything decent) but I’ve decided to pay the ETF for the one line on my family plan that’s still under contract (2 total)… After I buy an EVO and a Hero (or even 2 EVOs) and pay the ETF I still won’t have paid more than I would’ve for a N1. I’m just hoping I don’t regret the switch to Sprint later…

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