Rumor: HTC Wildlfire to Cost €299 Off-Contract


Yesterday – following the HTC Wildfire’s initial announcement –  we were treated to some information regarding the phone’s initial availability. Virgin Media UK customers would see the Wildfire (still some time in Q3), while T-Mobile UK customers could see the phone June 14th. What we didn’t get, however, was any information regarding pricing.


According to French Android-site – Frandroid – the phone could be as much as 299 euros unlocked. We’re not sure what countries this pricing will be for, specifically (all countries in Europe?), nor can we find a source, but we’ll certainly revisit this story as more details regarding the phone’s pricing on its initial carriers begin to steam up over the next couple of weeks.

[via Unwired View]

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  1. Not French but francophone, we cover Belgium, Canada, France and Switzerland ;)

    BTW, thx for da link

    That price is for Western Europe. We did not have more information for North America (Rogers never comments probability of launch and pricing)

  2. And I forgot : *if* the Wildfire is considered in North America, it would be with a different form factor and later.

  3. a bit too expensive.Vodafone 845 can be as little as 200(probably a bit more) , X10 mini is rumored to be 280.Spica can be found for 240 on the net and the tattoo only costs 220.All of the above are viable (or even better) alternatives

  4. Well … The big difference is 2.1 …

    It makes it faster than the other and compatible with all apps.

  5. True but the spica and the 845 both have 2.1.Especially the spica is very interesting.It has a low-tier price when its essentially a mid tier phone (HVGA anyone ?Which also means more apps btw )

  6. Nope since 2.1 solved resolution problems for apps.

  7. I hope thats true.I ve only heard about these things on the net.No first hand experience.But still all those phones are out or are going to come out before the wildfire.I am looking for a phone in this price range so i ll be keeping an eye on all of them.

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