New Droid Incredible Commercial Actually Shows the Product it Advertises


I’ve been a big fan of the Droid advertising campaign from the beginning. Its take no prisoners approach has really caused some huge sales for Verizon and the “Droid Does” catch phrase has become the Android users’ “There’s and app for that” rebuttal. But when the first Droid Incredible commercial failed to even show the phone, for all its James-Earl-Jonsian voiceover work, it may have left a bit too much up to the imagination. Not that it hurt sales or anything.

While the relevancy of just how incredible the Incredible really is may be waning with the release of the EVO 4G, a new promo is out that actually glimpses the phone for a few seconds. Check it out:

[androidcentral via IntoMobile]

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  1. Pretty cool. I still say Google needs to go ahead and market the app store itself. That would pull all the phones and carriers along. Verizon is going to be cautious about doing it and I find the whole app marketing the do for the Droid surprising.

  2. The Verizon Dorid commericals may work on teenage boys but thats about it. Its obviously the demographic they are designed for. They give next to no information about the product.

  3. I agree, these commercials are terrible! In case of advertising copy what works. Despite my personal distaste for Apple products, their commercials, make the product seem hip, fresh, easy to use, and connects with mothers, teenagers, and anyone that breathes. The Droid commercials look aimed at those guys that come and fix their commercials. Tech Geeks (like myself) already knew about this phone for months. My Mom, doesn’t know it exists and these commercials scream “you have to be able to design a circuit board to use this thing”.

  4. I meant fix their computers…sorry.

  5. @Darwin, you’re completely correct. That’s the annoying thing about the Droid commercials. They don’t show you anything that the Droid actually does.

    The iPhone commercials show the viewer what the phone can do in familiar situations and highlights the app that they use.

    The Droid commericals just talk about generalities like “You’ve never seen pixels whip by at 1 GHz”.

    I wish Verizon would show some of the awesome capabilities of their phones. Oh well.


  7. @1
    they do. have you never seen these types of commercials? there were a few different ones:

    well it’s working. have you noticed all the articles about how the orders for the Incredible is basically outpacing manufacturing?

    they do in some of them. maybe not as many as they should, but I think they’re trying to establish the overall Droid image right now.

  8. Yeah they really need to work on the advertising for Android phones. The iPhone commercials appeal to anyone and everyone. They show stuff that mothers, fathers, gamers, readers, sports enthusiasts and all could do with there phone.

  9. Geeky commercial aim to target geeky people who want to isolate themselves with the “HIP” all over the places iphone

  10. Why is everyone assuming that once the Evo releases the Incredible will no longer sell? Its not even on the same carrier! I’m not switching to sprint simply because I want a better phone. I mean, Verizon has a much larger customer base and even with the Droid being “outdated” it still sells well.

    I think people are blowing this out of proportion.

  11. ^ Agreed. By comparison they’re pretty much the same. The EVO slightly better, but I don’t foresee the EVO hurting the sales of the Incredible too much. The Incredible is a great device so that statement is just foolish IMO.

  12. @ Darwin
    I disagree that the commercials only work on teenage boys. I think deep down in every man is a teenage boy anyway; but obviously the “DROOIID!” saying going around the internet isn’t just being spoken from tech savvy teenagers, but the middle aged guys who used to be teenagers. I think it’s more apt to say the ad is targeted at men, and in that case I’d say you’re completely right. And even though my teen years are behind me I still hearken to the call of that inner teenage boy, in fact I think thats why the ad works so well.

    At least it’s not a lame I’m-better-than-you Apple vs. PC commercial…that didn’t show off anything about the product either. But then advertising is more about HOW you view a product and the company that makes that product’s image than the actual ability of Scrubbing Bubbles to actually clean, or Kellogg’s Corn Flakes to actually taste good, or the Droid Incredible to go fast.

  13. I’m 39. The droid commercial worked on me after having an iphone for 6 months. I dropped ATT after 11 years and got myself an DroidInc and a MotoDroid.

    4g Is useless if you are not in one of their test market cities. By the time Sprint rolls 4G nationwide both ATT an Big Red will have 4G as well.

    I have better service, better signal, a better phone ecosystem and companies I’m actually rooting for. Go Google, Motorola, HTC, and Verizon!

  14. @JR We don’t need Cydia. The Market is open to all developers and yuo have the option in your droid to install apps that are not from the android market. Cydia = solution for a closed system.

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