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The Eken M001 tablet is an Android 1.6-running, 7-inch touchscreen tablet, and it can be yours for the low low price of $108.76. This one comes out of China and features a 600MHz processor, 2GB flash memory, expandable SD storage, and Wi-Fi connectivity.

Sure there are better tablets on the horizon and other options currently available, but for the price you can’t really argue. Unless you want to say something about Android 1.6, then you can argue. But, hey, I’m just the messenger. Check it out over at DealExtreme.

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  1. shanzai mean fake in chinese. Just in case you don’t know :D

  2. Bought 2 :) one for me one for my sis! This rocks!

  3. Just to let others know, there are other genuine hands on video’s on youtube & I personally have ordered from Dealextreme before so they are a genuine shop
    Hope this helps! :)

  4. @Delphi Once you get em tell me how you find em pls. My email address is [email protected] . I mean for 90 euros u get a decent screen. I could use this to replace all those expensive books i barely use for university.

  5. Looks okay.

    Its good if you have a small amount of money.

  6. me want

  7. if there was a possibility that it would up grade to 2.x I’ll buy it. In a snap

  8. It really looks good overall. simple yes, but bout the right size. one of the things I don’t like about the iPad is the size and with different ROMs available it would be easy to modify it. I probably won’t get it myself, but I would like to here some legit feedback from anyone who purchases it.

  9. Eken M001 + Kindle app = Kindle Killer ;-)

  10. Is the market app on this?

  11. After seeing what the 2.1 upgrade did to my Eris, I refuse to buy a tablet with anything less. In fact, I doubt I would buy a tablet with anything less than 2.2 (due to Flash integration), unless it came with 2.1 and a guaranteed free upgrade to 2.2 from the manufacturer. Android 1.x is officially dead, but apparently OEMs haven’t gotten the memo yet.

  12. Btw, that thing is just plain ugly, any way you look at it. I swear, the casing on that thing looks like what you’d expect a tablet device like that to look like back in the mid 90’s. This thing is just begging to have that DOS/Windows 3.1 emulator for Android displayed on its screen. XD

  13. Lot’s of support for these here:

  14. It looks like a gigantic hero with a plastic screen. fail.

  15. @brad. yeah, tablets sans 2.2 = worthless.

  16. At $100 this could be a fun kick around tablet until some real nice devices start hitting stores later this year. If i can surf the web and check email on this thing reliably I’d be satisfied at the price point.

  17. im very impressed with this device. and only for $100…these other companies need to step their game up. That device is faster and more responsve than alot of the new tablets ive seen come out. plus it runs android..yeah the older version , but still android, and im sure theyll update. i would get something like that just to mess around with until the real deal tablets start rolling out. then id give the eken to my

  18. With the somewhat slow processor and lack of 3D accel. capabilities, 2.1 is unlikely and …if it came…would probably run like crap.

    If you scour the forums, you’ll find that this device is already rooted.

    You’ll also find that android market does not run on it at present — though there are several android hackers that have market running on other “unsupported” tablets (archos 5)…and the market is even running in the android SDK without error or constraint. I’m sure the modified market app will find its way to this tablet.

  19. Price is definitely interesting. Android tablets will be making a splash. Bring on more “tabloids”!

  20. It’s not a 600mhz processor, sorry I didn’t catch this sooner before you guys bought it. It does run like crap. I bought two and was disappointed, and since talking to about half a dozen resellers, it seems that most factories are bumping the specs to make more money and impress international buyers.

  21. Hi, everyone.

    I am wondering a bit. Missing 3D?? CPU to slow??? It is an ebook reader!! and you can check your mails, brows a bit in the www. It is not a playing toy for 3D games or else. And to check your email account and read a ebook – it will do! If you like 3D games – buy a gamer desktop pc and not an Eken tablet.

    Best regards

  22. love the size…as long as it has spreadsheet…its good for me…if you guys want more….get a laptop…or a netbook….for the price….cant go wrong. im tired of these people who dont like the product because it doesnt have 3d etc…read the specs….if you like it buy it. Works for me…

  23. If you want an ebook reader that does a whole heap of other stuff as well – this is brilliant. Of course its not high spec’d but it does what its meant to do. It will be interesting to see what happens when u start installing other android apps (I haven’t got round to trying that yet)

  24. i bought one now i cant figure out how to get new games for it please help.

  25. wow ,,this is very good for $120.00 internet tablet .warning ,becarefull dont do the upgrade by slater may you eken a brick.if you wan apps go to
    direct with you tablet

  26. Someone tell me how to put movies on this thing! I bought it to downgrade my smartphone (which isnt) and be able to watch movies and so far I’m just frustrarted with it.

  27. התקנת עברית למחשבים אייפד הסיניים עם גוגל אנדרואיד
    EKEN M001, EKEN M002, EKEN M003
    מתאים לכל הדגמים עם מערכת אנדרואיד 1.6
    לפרטים: [email protected]

  28. Bought one. thought it was ok. It was suppose to have flash installed ( did not) was suppose to have wireless(N) it kind of does but is weak.Then i did firmware update from slatedroid and bricked this device. I will return

  29. Shari, it only plays 3gp and flv formats I think, and device resolution only, like 350×240 or thereabout.

  30. Can the M-001 OS be upgraded?

  31. For $100.00 at least my Eris has a phone built in. It’s not a decent android device without 2.x & a 1ghz processor. Have fun with your toy. What a waste of money!

  32. Well I have a similar product of unknown brand.
    has a 533MHz CPU 128MB ram and 2GB nand storage.
    mine too runs 1.6 only downside is that i need 2.1 to run skype :(
    have office to go on it :)
    google browser stopped working after 2 months so now got dolphin browser!
    screen touch could be better but works ok.
    my device DOES have the market out the box, no hacking!

    it has replaced my netbook!
    I love my tablet even if it is 1.6!

  33. Will Android 3.0 (Honeycomb) run on the Eken M001? Is it a good version for a non-Developer/average user? If not, what is the highest version that will work?

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