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In the Market for a Cheap Android Tablet? Check This Out

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  1. it would be nice if it actually played…

  2. I am definitely saving up for the volt

  3. wow awsome

  4. I’d like it to be compatible with Nissan Leaf also…
    Because my android doesn’t like cars that can burn oil :P

  5. Geesh, adobe flash required to view the video? What is up with that? And I thought this was an android blog. Thanks for wasting my time.

  6. we should just get all these videos of all this awesome stuff android does and send it to Steve jobs

  7. that was nice voice recognition with the background noise. hmmmmm, impressive

  8. Sounds like they just re-made Google Turn-by-Turn Navigator/Car Home app and put GMs name on it instead of Google’s

  9. I hope Apple doesn’t create a partnership with a luxury car line like BMW, Mercedes, ect…

  10. Android and Chevy my two fave companies…would like this for my Monte Carlo SS.

  11. So, do we get a free droid if we buy a chevy volt? :P

  12. Cool and all, but why market with a piece of crap company like GM??? Would have been a better fit with an import company since Android is reliable. I could see apple doing a partnership with them better than Android.

  13. @Andorid3000

    Wow, that has to be the most down right ignorant statement that has been seen on this site.

  14. Flash required. How ironic!

  15. try getting a pc its been playing flash for like forever, its very simple tech that macs cant handle , theyre like childs computers and our androids will be playing flas very soon with 2.2 hopefully

  16. @2FR35H, How is something ignorant when it is so blatantly true???I’m sorry for you or anyone else that supports GM. They ran that company into the ground and now, we as tax payers, have to help pay back their debt. If your okay with all of that, that’s your prerogative, but you will never see me touch a GM product. The new commercial is a lie saying “We paid back what we owed in full”. Which is far from being true. Good luck with supporting GM, tools!!!:)

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