May 14th, 2010

Cats are jumping out of the bag left and right regarding the Samsung Galaxy S. Yesterday, we learned Vodafone would get the phone first over in the UK, and now some evidence has cropped up suggesting T-Mobile will be next in line. It sounds like this could be the device we heard about being described in “Project Emerald“.


Howard Chui (remember him? He was the guy that gave us a first look at Samsung’s other, less compelling phone: the GT-i5801) got to play with the Galaxy S and there are a few pieces of evidence that leads us (and everyone) to believe it’ll be headed to T-Mobile soon.

For starters, the phone’s name to be identified by media servers looks to be SGH-T959. This model number is similar to the scheme Samsung has been known to use for all of their T-Mobile-bound phones. Another piece of evidence is an app called “Write and Go” that has a logo with T-Mobile’s trademark font, as well as T-Mobile’s MyAccount app.


Finally, the icons for “Help” and “Visual Voicemail” definitely looks like they belong on T-Mobile phones, and an un-logo’d app called “TMO Contact” is a final dead give away. The evidence here is pretty strong, but we’re still obligated to treat this as a rumor. For some of you T-Mobile customers that feel they’re moving too slow, would this be the device to get you to change your opinion?

[images and story are courtesy of TmoNews]

[Update]: One of our commenters (thanks, Moots!) noticed another recent video of the Samsung Galaxy S being fondled. He suggests that the native tongue of the video shooter is Thai, which would make Thailand one of the first Asian markets to see the phone. A lot is brewing behind this device and it seems we haven’t seen the last of it for the very near future. All of this evidence is right in tune with Samsung’s strategy to get this phones in as many parts of the world as they can.

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