[Update: Thailand, Too?] Samsung Galaxy S Going To T-Mobile In The US As Project Emerald? Video Suggests So


Cats are jumping out of the bag left and right regarding the Samsung Galaxy S. Yesterday, we learned Vodafone would get the phone first over in the UK, and now some evidence has cropped up suggesting T-Mobile will be next in line. It sounds like this could be the device we heard about being described in “Project Emerald“.


Howard Chui (remember him? He was the guy that gave us a first look at Samsung’s other, less compelling phone: the GT-i5801) got to play with the Galaxy S and there are a few pieces of evidence that leads us (and everyone) to believe it’ll be headed to T-Mobile soon.

For starters, the phone’s name to be identified by media servers looks to be SGH-T959. This model number is similar to the scheme Samsung has been known to use for all of their T-Mobile-bound phones. Another piece of evidence is an app called “Write and Go” that has a logo with T-Mobile’s trademark font, as well as T-Mobile’s MyAccount app.


Finally, the icons for “Help” and “Visual Voicemail” definitely looks like they belong on T-Mobile phones, and an un-logo’d app called “TMO Contact” is a final dead give away. The evidence here is pretty strong, but we’re still obligated to treat this as a rumor. For some of you T-Mobile customers that feel they’re moving too slow, would this be the device to get you to change your opinion?

[images and story are courtesy of TmoNews]

[Update]: One of our commenters (thanks, Moots!) noticed another recent video of the Samsung Galaxy S being fondled. He suggests that the native tongue of the video shooter is Thai, which would make Thailand one of the first Asian markets to see the phone. A lot is brewing behind this device and it seems we haven’t seen the last of it for the very near future. All of this evidence is right in tune with Samsung’s strategy to get this phones in as many parts of the world as they can.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Saw this video on youtube a while ago, was thinking the same thing.

  2. awsome News. I been looking at this phone and hope it goes well from here on out :)

  3. Had T-Mo made some noise about this ohhhh 2-3 weeks ago it might have convinced me to hang around rather than go to Verizon for the Incredible. But as much as I use 3G Verizon’s coverage was calling me anyway.

  4. Pretty nice. Like the screen and it seems speedy. How does it not have a flash for the camera?

  5. IWAN IWAN IWAN. Oh why couldn’t this come with a hdmi out. Hopefully a dock with hdmi out?

  6. What….!!!!
    I can’t believe this why this stupid phone
    N not the streak. ..man.! This really sucks @$$
    Let,me xplain why.Samsung never upgraded the behold
    2 .this phone is still running 1.5 ? Si u know this phone will have the same problem.man.!oh.!man.!

  7. Hi, I’m new, so if this is a dumb question, sorry. But is there a special reason T-Mobile seems to get a lot of the android stuff first?

    I know the biggest Android Splashes recently have been Droid, Incredible, and the Evo. But it does seems like T-Mo does get a lot of early Android stuff, like N1, etc.

    Are they just the most accomodating? It obviously isn’t market share that’s pulling in the exclusives.

  8. Having returned the Nexus One for all the well documented problems, I am hoping this news to be real and real soon. Currently being wooed by the EVO 3G. Hurry up T-Mo!

  9. @JoshUng T-Mobile has been known to be perhaps the easiest carrier to work with regarding Android devices in the United States. Their use of GSM technology along with their huge hand in the OHA pot makes them an attractive carrier for flagship launches like Google’s Nexus One (who doesn’t need T-Mobile’s approval to sell a compatible phone on their network, much like most GSM carriers).

  10. @Quentyn Kennemer
    Thank you, I wish all carriers had that mentality.

  11. The good news is that T-Mobile will FINALLY get a flagship Android device. Question now is how soon?

  12. jaestoner01: Galaxy and Behold 2 have very poor and slow qualcomm processor, samsung don´t have drivers for its..Spica and Moment have better and faster samsung processor, Samsung have own drivers and made 2.1 fot it

    if you want Samsung don´t buy it without samsung processor

    qualcommś processor is poor, slow and have bad drivers…snapdragon is average between ARMv7 processors

    Galaxy S have super Hummingbird processor, update to os 2.2 will be very soon

  13. @mino,
    Thanks for the info.

  14. This phone will sway me to T-mobile instead of HTC EVO. (keep the GSM) We’ll see how things turn out. I thought this phone was supposed to have a front facing camera also?

  15. I really like this phone but Tmobile is moving too slow on their 21Mbps HSPA+ rollout. I currently have the Nexus One but their 3G sucks bad in my area. Practically worthless. The EVO 4G (only 3G in my area) is looking pretty good right now. Or the Incredible on Verizon. Choice is good!

  16. Sigh: This just makes it even harder to decide where to go. I’m with Tmobile right now, but Verizon’s Incredible has been calling me…

  17. This one could make me get rid of my Nexus One as long as it will have HSDPA+ and Samsung will actually keep it updated unlike the Behold II

  18. I thought this was supposed to have a front facing camera as well as flash capabilities??? I don’t really like Touchwiz so my vote is still leaning towards the Nexus if TMO doesn’t come out with something else to change my mind.

  19. It’s sad how much this rips off the iPhone…if I were to get this phone id root it and put sense on.

  20. Pretty nice phone, not a big fan of the UI still though. Hardware wise, this phone is definitely top dog. Still keeping my Nexus, though, i really like the fact it’ll be updated before any other phone. + my Nexus specs are still pretty up to date with today.

  21. Hey let’s jump ship every time another carrier comes out with a better phone….. my god people…. really? I just don’t understand why people would want to waste money canceling contracts buying a new phone and pay more for service just because a new phone comes out that will be on the border of being obsolete within a couple months. This phone will not be the one to replace my G1(rooted cyanogen), but I know tmob will have an Android that I want by the end of this year. So I wait patiently, and I know it will pay off in the long run.

  22. @jeremy the reason why people are jumping ship is because t-mobile was the first to make something with android with the G1 and now it isnt just that verizon has the incredible its the fact that they are getting all the phones and now sprint and at&t is taking their share. T-Mobile is Failing at getting at least one high powered android device that is sold in stores. Now they are picking up phones that arnt being updated to 2.1. All in all if they dont play the proper game with phones they are going to fail no matter how good their network is.

  23. I’ll be keeping my N1 because I like the UI much better. I’m also looking forward to the updates that are hinted to in 2.2. It looks like it gets a phone and web button next to the apps button on the N1. It could include FM radio activation. If T-Mo doesn’t block it some how, the N1 looks to be getting wifi tethering too so you can use the 3G internet with a laptop. Also, it looks like people might be able to buy an N1 directly through T-Mo soon, and if that happens, the N1 will still be the better choice IMO.

  24. @Jeremy – I still don’t have an Android phone so I have been waiting patiently as it is. My choices are good as well as I can get discount with the big three but I like T-mobile better at this point as they will upgrade their current 3G network, and my phone would work well in Europe.

  25. No front facing camera fail. Touch Wizard fail. T-mobile fail. I was so excited for this phone at first, but now that I see there is no secondary camera and that it is on T-mobile’s network, I’m like no way.

    Evo here is come… plus sprint is cheaper than T-mobile. 400 min + unlimited data + unlimited text. I will argue with you on that.

  26. how could this work on t mobiles 3g if it doesnt have the right bands?

  27. @ScritzMcGritz

    I pay $40 for 450 minutes (free nights + weekends), unlim. web & unlim. text, all on T-Mobile. $40. No Sprint plan can touch it.

  28. @*d* – how do you get a price like that?

  29. I am on the verge of leaving t-mobile because they cant seem to get it together with these phones. Why cant they get something like the EVO or the Incredible. I am undecided about which phone I want but I am leaning towards the Incredible but Im thinkin about the plans. Im paying a arm and a leg for my plan with t-mobile n I got a blackberry why not pay a arm and a leg with Verizon and get the Incredible its a way better phone

  30. <<>>>

    Well now the N1 is going into stores, no longer sold Only on the web..Google,unlike a certain other maker, saw the error of its ways and changed course.

    If you cant be 100% right, at least be humble enough to admit mistakes, rectify, and move on!

  31. yes, we do have Galaxy S as demonsatrtion unit in Thailand.

  32. @ScritzMcGritz – The new TouchWIZ UI is a major improvement not to mention you can disable it if you prefer vanilla Android. This phones processor (the ARM Cortex A8) is paired with a Hummingbird GPU chipset making it 3 times faster than the EVO or any phone available right now for that matter.

    In the end I would rather have a faster phone than a phone with a front facing camera. But to each there own.

  33. Not sure why howard chui took down the video. gsmarena has uploaded a video showing the speed when launching different apps. They had an earlier vid which showed some lag. In this new vid they claim samsung sent them another galaxy s that is closer to the retail version.
    A good video to watch if your considering what to buy next
    source http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jHXuPHztISQ

  34. Its landed in Vietnam now.
    Source http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lFvP6CEsaHk

    Check his other videos.

  35. from all of the videos on youtube, it definitely appears to still have the front facing camera.

    im sad they left out the flash on the rear camera though. very handy with cellphone cameras and i cant imagine it would have been too difficult to stuff in there.

    im hoping that the rumors and reports of this being available with wide variety of 3G radios are true. there have been filings with 850/1900 and 1700/2100, so it looks good that it may release on multiple large carriers.

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