Sharp Rounding Up Developers For Its IS01 Android-Powered MID, Available Next Month


It looks like Sharp is finally getting set to take its own swan dive into the Android race. They’ve released the developer version of their IS01 MID tablet device (named the JN-DK01), as well as a special SDK to go along with it. Developers will be able to scoop this delectable piece of hardware up right now, while consumers will be able to get their hands on it sometime in June.


None of the specs have changed since it was first announced, sporting a 5-inch capacitive touch-screen with a resolution of 960×480 (with Sharp specifically asked developers to target their applications to 854×480), 4GB of internal memory, and that familiar 1ghz Qualcomm Snapdragon processor we’ve all fallen in love with.

Sharp’s special SDK extends on the Android SDK by giving you more control over some of the device’s unique hardware features, such as the LED flashlight, camera, infrared capabilities, and more. For now, the developer version is only being released in Japan, and it looks like the consumer version will follow that same route.

If you’re a consumer, you will definitely want to pass this up as it does not come with any Google (or Sharp) apps preinstalled. This is purely for the coders, so sit tight and you should get your shot at owning this next month.

[via Pocketables]

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  1. Whatever happened to the dell streak.?
    Or other phones for ( T-Mobile ) other carriers.
    Enough with the evo we get the point.

  2. Posted this ^^^^^ in the wrong. Section.

  3. I dont think I could get used to using that.

  4. Whats the point of a hard keyboard that small? Is someone actually going to touch type on that?

  5. To add to my last point, I realize some people do like hard keyboards, but the keyboard is going to be too wide to thumb type and too small to touch type.

  6. i can imagine how one would use it. hold with your left, type and touch with your right, and if a lefty then the other way around.

  7. @ dave.

    i thought the same thing, but i got my hands on an older similar sharp product (PC-z1) for a few days and the keyboard works pretty well. its not any good for touch typing on, but its just fine and dandy for 2 figure “pecking” and also works for thumbs if you dont have small hands (my 5’2 GF had a few issues with thumbs :P)

    in my eyes, having a web device with a device that fits in your coat pocket is a outweighs the slower typing speed. i might pick up the final version when it hits japanese stores and if its not as handicapped as the PC-z1 (which was criminally slow)

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