May 13th, 2010

That didn’t take long. It wasn’t long ago that many of you were clamoring to play games on your phones using a bluetooth controller. It also wasn’t long ago that we learned the Zeemote would be getting an Android SDK. The usual daydreaming sessions commenced after that, and now the first fruits have emerged from that much appreciated labor.

Thanks to the SDK adding functionality of the Zeemote with Android, you can now play several games using the wireless remote. This is a dream come true for some of you who longed to play Kwaak3 on their devices without the added cumbersome that comes with trying to use the phone’s hardware (especially QWERTY-less phones such as the Nexus One). Do you want one of these yet? Be sure to check out more videos of the Zeemote in action on Android here.

[Thanks to our own Kevin Krause for pointing this one out!]

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