Motorola QUENCH Launching Next Week on Rogers for $49.99


Rogers is really pushing out its Social View line of phones, and joining the upcoming Acer Liquid E (new pricing info on that here) will be the Motorola QUENCH. The QUENCH will be launching next week at a price of $49.99 on a 3-year plan or $424.99 if you are afraid of commitment.


The QUENCH is known south of Canada as the Motorola CLIQ XT, and (what a shocker) has the same exact specs. 3.1 inch touchscreen display, 5MP camera, and 2GB of microSD storage included. You’ll also get MOTOBLUR for all of your social-networking needs.

[via Mobile Syrup]

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  1. The Acer Liquid E looks to be the best of them all. Considering it is shipping with vanilla Android 2.1 which the other 2 lack entirely.

  2. I agree the liquid e is the gem of the crop. Not only because its has 2.1, it also has the least amount of customizations, which means acer will have an easier time upgrading it to 2.2. Stock android is easier to upgrade.

  3. The X10 is the best phone out of those devices.

  4. Everything the xperia lacks the liquid has. Android 2.1, multi touch, snapdragon processor. I have a liquid and must say, it is a damn good phone and easily the best of that lineup

  5. never mind, the xperia does have a snapdragon and a better one. Multi touch and os still make it better

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