May 12th, 2010

The potential block of Google’s AdMob buyout will be further delayed as the FTC takes time to assess the impact of Apple’s iAd system on the mobile advertising market. According to a report at the Wall Street Journal the FTC is taking seriously Google CEO Eric Schmidt’s claims that iAd demonstrates healthy competition in the mobile ad market place, and hence rules out the possibility of a monopoly on Google’s part. Which brings me to my favorite picture to post when discussing these dealings…


OK, enough of that. But the delay is actually good news for Google, even though word on the street up until now has been that the FTC powers-that-be have all but pulled the trigger on squashing the deal. If they make a decision sooner (maybe by the end of this week) rather than later, chances are Google won’t be able to collect on its investment. If the deal move forward, is this a case of irony at it’s best? Google’s business dealings saved by a company that wants nothing more than to see them fail.

[via IntoMobile]