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EVO 4G Event Today: What Do YOU Want To Know?


It’s May 12th and – historically – the date has no real meaning to us. It’s still a celebration, though, because Sprint, Disney, and HTC will be in New York within the confines of a nice gathering place to show off the HTC EVO 4G to their attendees (oh and I heard some Prince of Persia movie might be shown there, but who cares? It’s about the phone!). A lot of EVO fans are anticipating the event (you can mingle with some of them at the thread Rob made on AndroidForums.com) and I know you guys have at least one question yet to be answered.


So what is it? You want more details on the apps? Certain hardware features that haven’t been outlined yet? Are you more concerned about pricing and availability? Rob’s going to be on hand with photo and video equipment to document as much as he can, so if you have any special questions you want (or so badly need) answered, let ’em out and we’ll see what can happen!

The event kicks off tonight at 6PM Eastern time, so keep your eyes on Phandroid for more later on this evening.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Do Sprint service plans provide the best value to customers?

    Mobile Hotspot — please let it be with no monthly charges… otherwise will have to go with Verizon as they are offering it free.

  2. what’s the price? or When can i get my hands on the device and smack everyone else in the face?

  3. I’m looking forward to some good information. I just want to know when it is getting released and how much it costs.

  4. If you get a chance to install our app you’ll be the first to report 4g coverage ever !
    do it and we’ll release a 4g map with your data in the next couple of days ;)

  5. Is it just me, or does that pic look almost exactly like the Droid Incredible?

  6. Battery life and pricing are my only concerns at the moment. Most of the goods were covered during the Vegas presentation and hands on. I am sure the release date will be announced at the NY presentation.

  7. These are all obvious of course:

    1) When it will be released
    2) How much for the phone
    3) Are the 4g plans going to be any extra than the current unlimited plans?
    4) How much will it cost for the extra hotspot feature?

  8. Other than the obvious (pricing/availability) I think the some of the more common yet easy to answer questions are whether it’ll have any on-board storage and how the notification light works (a lot of people like to have a multi-color notifier for events).

  9. What video resolutions can be outputted through HDMI?

  10. @Al They’re only offering that for free w/the Palm Pre AFAIK, it’s still a $30 monthly charge w/the Incredible and other Android phones… Why do people even care about this though, you can buy an app for $30 (one-time-fee) to accomplish the same thing, or you can just root your phone and do it for free. Only way Sprint of VZW is gonna hassle you over it is if you use an unholy amount of data per month.

  11. Looking for cost breakdowns, plan differences, on-board storage, SD storage capabilities/complimentary storage included w/ purchase, etc.

  12. Wanting to know: Will there be rebates/credit for users breaking contracts with other carriers to get the Evo? What will be the cost of 4G unlimited data plan and initial contract costs? And when will it hit the streets? Can’t wait to find out more!

  13. 1. How about 1 computer connected via the mobile hotspot at at time for free and more connections for “premium” account holders?

    2. What is Sprint doing to help bring down barriers to over the air O.S. updates?

    3. Will 4g plans cost more than 3g?

    4. Can Sprint put out an estimated order of delivery for the cities where 4g is promised.

    5. What down/upload speeds does Sprint expect end users on a heavily used 4g network to achieve? Try not to be to optimistic.

    6. Battery life information?

    7. Is Sprint customizing the O.S.? If so, why?

    8. Do we have the option of installing plain old vanilla Android and why wouldn’t we want to?

    9. What will the first gripes about the phone be?

    10. Data only plan?

    11. Android 2.1 or 2.2?

  14. @Al, look at it this way, Verizon vs Sprint plans without the hotspot, Verizon customers pay $30 more a month than Sprint customer for the same features. Sprint plans includes, data, GPS, MMS and TXT. Verizon does not. So even if you have to pay $10-$20 for the hotspot on Sprint, you’re still saving either way.

  15. What’s the deal with the proximity and light sensors? What do they do?

  16. 6 p.m.? Bastards…

  17. Will swype texting be available on it? Dumbest question in the world but it’d be sick if there was a projector.

  18. @Frank What is the name of the app?

  19. will you be able to sync it over wi-fi, i hate cords. and how accurate will the touch screen be, and will it get hot from running apps in the background while in idle mode, heared about app killer to prevent this on other droids.

  20. What are the plan details, with pricing?
    (Compared to the plan, the phone price itself is a tiny drop in the bucket. )

    Will the Evo be available in all areas, or just where 4G is already available?

    When will 4G come to my area?

  21. What touchscreen is the evo 4g using?
    Is it the maxtouch sensor or the clearpad 2000?
    How soon is going to be updated to froyo?
    Will it be able to connect to regular tvs?

  22. @Al Like others mentioned, even if Sprint charges for the hotspot feature, the end result is still cheaper than a comparable Verizon plan.

    @Dave This was covered at CTIA: 720p

    @Ben #3 was covered at CTIA. Dan Hesse himself has already stated that 4G will not cost more than 3G. #11 was recently answered to be Android 2.1-update1. #8 is a matter of personal preference: you either like SenseUI or you don’t.

  23. 1. When & How much
    2. What plan cost? I mean, for unlimited everything

  24. @Al, I forgot to mention, Sprint has 4G Verizon does not! ;)

  25. Compatible/offered with SRDO plans?

  26. Bought a Sprint Hero back in March and the phone has been nothing but problems since and I’m absolutely sick of it… is there any way I can get the Evo when it comes out (I set up a 2 year contract) and essentially trade it for my Hero? I literally didn’t hear about this phone until the DAY after I bought it and I want it so bad :-(

  27. Main question is when I can call Sprint and order some for my family.

  28. @john

    you might be screwed with your hero. they might say you have to keep it or pay that unsubsidized price. is it worth it? hell yes

  29. 1. cases for carrying I have not even seen anything for the HTC hd2.
    2. will it have a vibrate ring tone?
    3. how well does the FM tunner work?
    4. How well does the bluetooth work? (I have a headset that if it is more than 2 feet from the phone It drops the connection)
    5. can I use it as a remote for my T.V.?
    6. Can I use it to turn my car on?

    HAHHA have fun !!

  30. how flimsy is the kickstand? how much will a hdmi cable cost?

    maxtouch sensor. google it. its on the incredible, so its on the evo :)
    oh yeah stop threatening to leave sprint. thats just dumb. pay more for less services-its all cdma with roaming agreements….

  31. nothing too much…
    1. price
    2. plan rates
    3. plan details
    4. 4G rollout roadmap nationwide

  32. 5. are spring apps removable or optional??

  33. What will be the special Evo/4g plans (pricing, details, etc.)? The monthly data plan pricing better be on-par with their current package deals are if they want people to jump ship to the NOW network. Otherwise, let the financial hemorrhaging continue Sprint……

  34. root /flash the hero and sell it for a big price thats what i did lol now i have a good chunk towards the evo..

  35. Same as everyone else:

    1) Pricing
    2) Availability date
    3) Any end user plan changes?
    4) Pre-Orders?

  36. OMG I’m DYING to know when this phone is going to come out!!

  37. @john

    What’s so bad with the Hero? What kinds of problems? Hopefully nothing that will carry over to the EVO.

  38. Why was the decision made to use an TFT LCD screen instead of an AMOLED screen like on the HTC Incredible?

    To what degree of an impact will this have on battery life?

  39. Simultaneous Voice + Data via 4G and Internal Storage is all I need to know. I know the plans price won’t change.

  40. Kyle C (comment #14) covered my questions. I’m going to go even more crazy if those questions aren’t answered today!

  41. I second Chris’s questions. Plan rates and details (the phone price isn’t going to make too much difference in the long run) and more details about the WiMAX schedule. In my dreams, I’d like them to announce that some of their “coming Summer 2010” cities will be turned on at the same time as the phone is out. I’d like not just dates but also maps about what sort of coverage to expect in those cities– e.g., how far out in the suburbs will the DC coverage go?

  42. – Launch Date
    – Price
    – Plan cost
    – Does it have Froyo?

  43. What Kyle C (14) and Chris (18) Said but also when will pre- orders start.

  44. @John (or anyone else) Sprint offers a 30 day money back guarantee. I have already told a couple of my friends who recently bought new phones at Sprint to just wait until the 28th or 29th day (sometime in late May/early June) and just return the phone and get the Evo (if its out) or use an old phone for a couple more weeks until its out. No need to be stuck with a phone you hate. Read your contracts people!!! 30 day money back guarantee!

  45. what do i want to know???? why the hell does this thing, and all other phones coming out, not have all the bands of all cell providers so we arent enslaved on one provider!!! sluts!! i want global roaming freedom!! dont tell me you dont have the technology to put all bands in one phone!! liars!

  46. When will be able to pre-order the phone?

  47. Will it have an updated media player coparable to windows mobile.

  48. what are they doing about android updates. does this have the fate of cough hero/moment? Where it takes 8mo to get an update if so dont buy this phone.

  49. I just wanna know how soon a Video Conferencing App will be available…..THATS the big ticket

  50. Release date…that is all. Oh yeah and video chat

  51. release date and PRICE with contract maybe cover plan options in detail… we’ll all see tonight

  52. much the same as everyone else… plus some new ones…

    1. pre-order date (special date for sprint premiere?)

    2. launch date

    3. launch subsidized price

    4. battery life (in hours and minutes)

    5. can you turn off the cell signal? (without turning off wifi, airplane mode kills both)

    6. the winners of the Evo contest

    7. can it change a tire?

    8. will any additional monthly pricing plans have different rates for those without 4G? (I live in a state with zero 4G availability in the entire state AND there is nothing on the future coverage map for the entire state as well. If they need someone to do the computer technical work on the cell towers, I know some people with the proper security clearance and the experience to (re)program the towers.

    9. will Sprint premiere customers get offered first dibs? (ie exclusive pre-order window of opportunity)

    10. when will the Evo2 be coming? :P

    11. date for Froyo?

    12. if two chip makers walk into a bar, will I find an Evo laying on the floor?

    13. how many Apphole execs does it take to change an iPad battery?

    14. will it fit in my briefcase, or do I need to get a laptop bag to carry the Evo around?

    15. any chance of multiple models with different screen sizes (read “larger”) or more internal storage space?

    16. is 4G really just a fake name for 3.5G like AT&T did with 3G?

    17. can I buy one for $5000 or do I get to spin again Pat? (I’d like to buy an ‘E’ vo, Pat… Can you get Vanna White to flip it over for me?)

    18. Will the police raid my house, kick down my door, and steal all my electronics if I get one?

    19. will it crash when I visit webpages?

    (ok, last one… really)
    20. If I buy an extended battery from… somewhere… will I be able to use the kickstand with an extended back cover plate?

  53. Will the Evo tell me if the world is actually coming to an end on 2012 (my Sprint 2yr contract should be up by then)? Also, will it come with a chick magnet (I know the iphone initially did)? And last but not least, will the Evo transform into a jetpack? Thank You

  54. Verizon is offering mobile hot-spot for free because it is a CRAP speed people, damn!!! Whats the big deal about paying a tiny bit extra for 4-7mbps downstream?? My flippin Road Runner is 5mbps down and 384kbps up and thats like $50 freaking bucks a month! If I was Verizon, i’d feel bad about charging for that BS too!

  55. I am interested to know wether you would be able to speak on the phone and be online at the same time. I know that is not possible for 3g, but i’ve heard conflicting rumors about 4g. If that is not possible, how about if you are connected to the hotspot feature of the phone, would I be able to be online on my laptop/iPad, etc… and on the phone at the same time?

  56. alright… headed to event.

  57. I am inteerested to know if you are able to be on the phine and online at tbe same time? I know it is no for 3G, but heard conflicting rumors about 4g. Also, what about if you are connected to the hotspot feature of the phone, could you be on the phone and online at the same time with that?

  58. an hour and 3 minutes left.

  59. Everything…
    release info and Price
    going into the software… I’m ok with 1.5, but that’s all I know of Android and want to know about copy and paste and how it’s implemented… is text live? If I receive a text message can I simply select it. For instance, my freind sent me an item number for something I was interested in buying off of ebay. I couldn’t select that text so that I could copy and paste it into my ebay app… I had to go through this whole elaborate thing of clicking on the text and sending another text then hightlighting then copying and so on… big head ache… I like how the Palm pre handled this better… Copy and paste is a huge deal for me!

  60. i have the simply everything… will i need to buy a “better simply everything plan” for the HTC EVO. because if the simply everything plan should include…welll everything or its FALSE ADVERTISING! let us know what it will cost?

    69.99 or like rumors have it 99.99!
    if so you will lose this person to version…which has better coverage anyways.
    thanks don’t let me down.

  61. What about the EVO data plan? Will I have to pay for 4g service when I don’t even live in a 4g area?????
    Why would all the accounts on a family share plan need to be changed over to the Evo data plan???? I hope sprint really thinks this out…

  62. lol

  63. Thanks for the responses. Yes, currently Sprint plans provide more value and thats their goal. I am sure you will all agree that it will be simpler and cheaper if Sprint provides the mobile hotspot for free..even if its just for the first 1000~;) if not, then getting an APP for onetime is a good option.

    One other Question — Is this going to be a world phone? ie: also have GSM QUAD Band for voice? Right now one is limited to the Blackberry devices if one wants a sprint or verizon world phone — or go with AT&T/T-Mobile service.

  64. Will we have to wait 10 years for 2.2 upgrade?

  65. All in all, it’s a lot we want to know.. Firmly, the pricing and availability are the highest of indeed concern.. But.. Along.. We would like to know more of some features (if any are left after CTIA and etc..) The HotSpot feature we know may cost us at least $10 or not.. Just throwing the “Pricing” spectrum.. We all know that they won’t pull no $300+ for the device.. and more than $20 or even $15 for the HotSpot after they Promote the $69.99 Everything Plan..(Minus land-lines) which is extremely well placed in this “ECONOMY” and well placed in your “NEED” and “DESIRES” that you would expect for the Device and the Services..

    So On behalf of “Millions” LoL, please try and gather what we need! Thanks.. GD

  66. I just got the e-mail from sprint that they will be releasing the phone on June 4th. If “The Shack” will have it on a pre release I wonder how soon it will be avilable to us then. The e-mail did say you need to be with the same device for 22 months or more to get the upgraded discount. *&^%@#! I just got my Hero in october of 09. Looks Like I will be calling sprint to haggel for the upgrade!

  67. Check your emails.

    2 yr contract proce $199.99
    Launch Date: June 4
    Hot spot = extra $30/month

  68. Oh yeah $199.99 after a $100 MIR

  69. Disney is promoting the Sprint EVO 4G ? An Android phone?
    Hmm. I wonder how Disneys largest single shareholder will feel about that?
    His name is Steve Jobs, by the way.

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