Phandroid Joins Sprint CEO Dan Hesse at HTC EVO 4G Event Next Month [Update]


On May 12th, Sprint and Dan Hesse will be hosting an event where you can get an even closer, more personal look at the HTC EVO 4G up close. Many people have already gotten their hands on it at CTIA, but I’m sure this event will allow people to go even deeper with the phone.


Cocktails, hors d’ouevres, and more will lace the event. Sounds like some pretty exclusive stuff. They’ll also be partnering with Disney to show a private advanced screening for the Prince of Persia movie before it releases that Friday. I’m not  sure where, when, or how that partnership conjured up, but we can’t complain: The EVO will be there!

[Thanks, AndroidGuys]

[Update]: Phandroid will be there! We hope to bring you some exclusive videos and pictures from the event as Rob will be with Sprint execs and industry insiders alike to get his hands on the EVO 4G. Oh, and he’ll be gawking at Jake Gyllenhaal in the new Prince of Persia movie all night.

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. First! I hope this thing comes out by June.

  2. The world’s first android phone?

  3. I’m clicking as hard as I can but it won’t let me register.

  4. How do they get away with saying this is the world’s first Android phone?! That’s ridiculous!

  5. Maybe they meant the worlds first 4G phone?

  6. Maybe “first 4G Android phone” was lost in the translation :D

  7. this is the best android phone on the market why not maybe the iphone killer?

  8. I guess no one noticed that this is being held in NYC. Which by all accounts is one of the cities scheduled for WiMax service by the end of the year (according to Sprint), but if the event is held on May 12th in NYC showing off the EVO 4G WiMax phone, then most likely that will be the day that NYC gets its WiMax service turned on, way ahead of its scheduled date.

  9. I hope they will have a release date announcement..

  10. i agree with jerry my 755p palm isnt holding up considering it was my first phone on sprint followed by my nightmare of the samsung instinct ill make my 755p live as long as possible in order tog et my evo..

  11. I just got an evo from a friend at sprint

  12. Michael Fedorsha is full of it… sh.

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