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The New York Times has launched their Android app to fill all of your stand-alone news reading needs. The app has been available for a while now on iPhone, but NYT is making it worth the wait by adding in video support for Android handsets. You will get all the coverage of the Times and the ability to share it with your entire contact list if you so choose. A pretty nifty feature is offline caching for catching up on the news when you’re off network.


You can go grab the app in the market now, the QR code is below.


[via AndroidTapp]

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  1. The New York Times is good only for fish wrap and bird cage liner.
    Why would I want it on my phone?

  2. Did NYT only decide to give Android an app only after they heard that Android made gains over iphone in Q1 sales? What took them so long?

  3. The Old Grey Whore will never ever find its way onto my phone.

  4. now you can all get brainwashed conveniantly

  5. Fantastic, and a long time coming.

  6. Congratulations to Phandroid! You know that you’ve made it as a website when your comments are full of trolls.

  7. Screw the NYT. They are one of the idiot companies that will begin charging viewers to read their online material

  8. apparently doesnt work on mytouch 3g or Desire. 2.1 requirement?

  9. Um why all the hate for the NYT? Is it a liberal/conservative thing?

    Cuz personally, I’m sick of the whole bullshit rivalry when essentially both political groups are: THE SAME.

    Seriously; first you had your bushbots, now you have your obamabots, and the world is in perfect balance.

    With any news outlet people should USE THEIR OWN GODDAMN MIND and question the source, both media company and reporter.

    O’reilly? Can’t stand the big mouthed oaf who passes off a clearly politically oriented show as “entertainment”. Olbermann? Screw his huge talking-headed self; his bile is just as bad as O’Reilly.

    Just read me the news, don’t give me your freaking opinion on it. If Americans were smart, they’d start voting COUNTRY OVER PARTY. /rant off

    FYI I downloaded the app to check out what’s considered ‘high quality/polished’, and YEP…it’s pretty darn nice. Love the embedded shade to pick news topics. SCHWEET.

  10. @destardi people dont really like to use their own minds. they want a box to tell them what to do.

  11. can’t find it in the market on my eris (running 2.1v2 leak)

  12. Does this app have a widget?

  13. @destardi
    I love it when people try to show off how intelligent they are by saying something completely idiotic. Do both parties have their problems? Yes, absolutely. Are both parties the same? No, not in the least.
    You should really try to educate yourself about the policies implemented by both parties over the last few decades, they are quite different. Or I suppose that you could just get back to your “tea party”.
    Lastly, it isn’t really a “liberal/conservative” thing. It is a Republican thing (very different from “conservative”). They have been screaming “LIBERAL BIAS!” every time that reality has disagreed with them for as long as I remember. As one of the most well-regarded sources of journalism in the world, The New York Times has become a large target for these attacks for it’s reporting of “facts”.

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