Google I/O 2010 App Hits the Market


Heading to Google I/O next week? Or maybe you can’t make it. Either way, don’t worry, Google has you covered. Aside from live-streaming keynote presentations on both days of the conference, Google has just released the official Google I/O 2010 app for Android devices. The app is great for non-attendees and attendees alike, offering a complete schedule, information about companies and developers taking part in I/O, and descriptions of all planned events.


You can star your favorites so you don’t miss out, and there is even a small notepad service in the app so you can take down any important info. The app can be found in the market now, search “Google I/O” or snap the QR below:


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  1. New Google Maps with bicycling directions and a Navigation icon too.

  2. QR Code, Please!

  3. do a search.. you’ll find it.

  4. Can’t find it in the Market….where’s the QR code????

  5. nm i found it

  6. found it, search ‘google i/o’. Too bad I won’t arrive in California until the 22nd.

  7. FYI, on my Nexus a market search for “google i/o” yielded nothing, but “Google I/O” as noted in the article brings it right up. Wasn’t aware the market was case sensitive!

  8. I searched for “google i/o” and didn’t find it, they may have taken it down?

  9. hehe nevermind

  10. A number of users have messaged me to say they are having the same issue with not finding the app.

  11. does this work on the 1.6 OS because its not showing on the market..(MY touch 3g)

  12. Yeah, QR brings up nothing on my 1.5 cliq. Is the app only for 2.X devices or something?

  13. can’t find on my G1 (cyanogen 1.6)

  14. Do the notes sync with google docs? Oh wait, right. Google doesn’t support google docs on android.

    Otherwise, yay!

  15. No luck… HTC tattoo android 1.6 with modified market app to show also results for different screen resolutions…

  16. Can’t find it on my G1 but i’ll be following it on Phandroid so i’m good for now.

  17. Sucks… it’s appearing on Androlib but cannot download it.

  18. Use your new Android device to download our official conference app for easy access to the schedule, venue maps, session content, and info on the participating Sandbox companies. You can also search for and star sessions. Search the Android Market for Google I/O 2010 or scan the QR code below.

    ************Please note that you need to be running —Eclair or higher— to use this application.

    Android 2.2!!

  19. I have downloaded it and its a pretty cool application.

  20. Can’t find it on Market even with barcode.

  21. Cant find the app on the market on an Acer Liquid S100, with the latest (1.6) official rom.

    So it’s either only available in certain markets, on later versions of android or the app is secured and thus not visible on a slew of phones. (google get your act together why dont ya?!)

  22. dudes,

    look at my post above yours **eclair or higher**. Do you guys have eclair or higher?

  23. All my attempts at finding this app failed, on an ADP1 running Android 1.6 from HTC’s official images site:
    * Searching for “google i/o 2010” in Market gives no results
    * Searching for “Google I/O” gives some results, but not that one
    * Scanning the QR code with Goggles, completing the action with [Market] “Details” gives “The requested item could not be found.”
    * Scanning the QR code with Goggles, completing the action with “Browser” gives a 404 error.
    FWIW I’m in Switzerland.

  24. still cant find it in the Market with different QR Code and search “google i/o” and “Google I/O”
    (im using a G1 root phone outside usa)

    any can do the favor to upload the .apk? :D

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