Verizon Planning to Begin Droid Eris 2.1 Update Roll Out Tomorrow?


Last Friday we reported that a support site for the HTC Droid Eris OTA update to Android 2.1 had gone live, but no details were revealed as far as the exact date were concerned. Reports are now coming in that the update is planned to begin its roll out to Verizon subscribers tomorrow, the 11th of May. Well, it is “tentatively” planned for tomorrow. We all know how that goes…


Even if it somehow manages to get delayed again (that could never happen, right?), Eris owners can still rest easy knowing they will probably get their update before the many unfortunate Samsung Moment and HTC Hero owners. We’ll be sure to let you know when the roll out is a go, or you can keep your fingers crossed and spend your day refreshing your system update screen. It’s up to you, really.

The update is mandatory and will wipe all of your stored info not on a microSD card, so remember to back up all of your important files. Your contacts will be wiped, but they are synced oh-so-handily with the cloud, so you shouldn’t have to worry about that part.

[via MobileCrunch]

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  1. So hero owners should just be able to install this rom and be all set… I mean there are none of the hardware differences that ther were with the desire and legend roms.

  2. What’s Sprint’s excuse going to be now?

  3. All Sprint Hero owners (myself included) Bend Over and prepare to be screwed hard by Sprint…. Not looking forward to this.

    Eris Owners CongratS!

  4. Momment Owners Prepare for a Rash too!

  5. Sorry me, that won’t work. There are some hardware differences including the soft touch buttons among other things. Just root man, it will guarantee support even beyond 2.1.

  6. We have already talked about this. The majority of us have been running 2.1 on our rooted Hero’s for well over a month now. Put less energy into complaining and more into solving your own problem if you want it so badly.

  7. Wait…..so we have to save all our apps to the micro sd card? How do you do that???

  8. Swamp…..

    well how the F do you install this sh!t then….all i fking want is to be able to transfer my pics over blue-tooth….get your head out of your azz and tell us spanky….

  9. Come on VZ make us proud!!! Meke the raping on the monthly bill worth it!

  10. @Swampfox I am running 2.1 on my hero too. Guess what though these aftermarket Roms do not compare to the official release. Now bend over and get it!

  11. Finally, stay tuned to the eris forums for the ensuing craziness.


  13. Actually I believe a lot of people’s contacts on the eris are only stored on their phone. When verizon transfers the phone numbers from your old phone to your new phone they are (either sometimes or always) stored as a “phone contact” and not a “google contact.” Phone contacts are not synced with google. When you add a new contact you can also select what kind of contact they are.

    I had to help a friend to convert all of her contacts to google contacts when she broke her old eris and was moving to the new one. Pain in the ass. Had to download a program from android market that converted them.

    I wonder if this could have caused some of the delays in releasing 2.1? They may have rolled it out and people started to lose their contacts.

  14. i hope this isnt another fail update like the droid…
    i feel sorry for you hero owners out there, i wish you the best of luck

  15. Sprint is goin in hard! BE PREPARED HERO OWNERS

  16. Do not compare how? Are they way better?

  17. It Is about time. Someone better be posting fast when they get the official update. hopefully leak v3 will or can get it. Holla

  18. wtf whats are you waiting for tmo!!

  19. whats the best way to back up your data? i’ve been using Sprite Mechanic, but is there another option?

  20. @jeff: I use ASTRO to backup my data. It also can backup the software you use, although I prefer to re-download them from the marketplace. If you have all your contacts, calendar appointments, and other Google stuff, you don’t have to really worry about backing up anything since it will be sync’d to your phone from the Google cloud. Anything on the SD card is safe as well.

  21. I have an eris and have benn waiting for months now. Its not going to happen. YOU ARE ALL SHEEP. They are still messing with us. If we see it by the end of summer I will be surprised!!!

  22. So how does one back up their data on the card??

  23. Anyone get an update yet? I installed the leaked ROM, v2. Hope I still get the official upgrade.

  24. Any updates being processed yet? I’m still waiting.. I hope this starts soon.. will it be rolled out gradually?

  25. @Chris: I hope I get it too. I’m running the leaked ROM as well, version 2. Time will tell. I believe that even if it doesn’t come through OTA, that HTC’s or Verizon’s support websites will have it available for manual download and installation.

  26. Nearly 6:00 PM EST and nothing for me yet. Anyone else?

  27. The official Android 2.1 update for the Eris is rolling out right now according to the official @htc Twitter account.

  28. saw the @htc tweet. my wife (has an eris) is super excited about this one. i don’t she cares if the data is wiped out!

  29. got my official upgrade this morning
    firmware 2.1
    build 2.36.605.1

  30. Nice we got our first update!!!

  31. I have been waiting for this upgrade since last December. My friend showed me his mytouch and it was running 2.1 his Google maps won me over .Expecting to see upgrade in notifications screen soon.

  32. Yes….can’t wait…constantly lookin at phone for update…and before moto droid wow..so excited..

  33. I share an acct with a friend of mine and he got his update this morning. I’m jealous. But hey at least I,know its not a hoax now. Just wonder how ling the rest of us have to wait

  34. Just got my Firmware 2.1 update last night (Eris). I love the way it looks, but in my haste to install, I forgot to back up. BACK YOUR STUFF UP! I’m spending a good two hours adding my phone contacts back in, finding/reinstalling apps and generally getting my phone back to before the upgrade. Love the new functions, love the flexibility – nice update…now I wish I had a faster processor in this thing…next phone? Nexxus 1

  35. My contacts are GONE after doing my system update! How do I get them back?

  36. Got my update overnite, installing now, hope it is all it can be. Keeping fingers crossed.

  37. @jeremy: hey i am one of those dummies who did not sync all of my contacts to google and the they were only “phone contacts”. well, me being as ignorant as i am… i decided to update to eris 2.1 and assumed all would be well because i had no warning that my contacts list would be harmed. all of my contacts were deleted and my google sync does not restore them. can anybody help me figure out how to get them back…? i had over 400 and many of the people live out of the country and would be impossible to contact otherwise. please help me?

  38. Anyone know how to stop the Eris from playing your text message tone when “A message is sucessfully sent”?? its really starting to make me crazy.

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