May 7th, 2010

Now this is just plain cool. His name is Steffest, and he coded a music app on three different operating systems – Android (Java), iPhone (Objective-C), and Windows Mobile (C#) – and made perhaps the coolest guitar I’ve ever seen (at least for a phone geek’s standards).

While it isn’t pretty on the hardware side, he strapped together 5 different devices (a couple of which seems to be Android-based) onto a piece of wood and routed the audio from each device to a battery-powered speaker. He added that sound latency issues was the reason he couldn’t code one app and deploy it to all 3 operating systems.


The end result is a very smooth-sounding “hack” of sorts. He gives us a demo of the song Cracklin Rosie and – for the type of setup he’s put together – it doesn’t sound half bad at all. He’ll be presenting the device that he calls “The Phone Guitar” at MobileCampBrussels, a conference about mobile cross-platform development.

For more details, take a gander at his blog. [via Gizmodo]