Sony Ericsson’s X10 Phones Will See Android 2.1 In Q4


Even though Q4 is a long time from now, those of you with a Sony Ericsson Xperia X10, Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Mini, and a Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Mini Pro will be getting an update at the end of the year. Along with all of the 2.1 goodies, you’ll be seeing support for DLNA, the ability to record HD video in 720p, as well as other bug fixes and general maintenance tweaks.


It’s a shame that Android 2.2 is nowhere to be seen, though, considering we’re expecting to see its launch sometime this summer (and we expect to see its debut at the Google I/O conference on May 19th). Are you Xperia lot content with what’s in store, or do you wish Sony Ericsson would put a little more pep to their step?

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Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. Wow! Just in time to be outdated! Great work Sony. I wish they would just fold already. They have been nothing but disappointing. X1 was garbage but was hyped through the roof until I got mine and realized it was a piece of shiiiiiiiit! Now the X10 has been rumored since before I bought my first Android phone. That was last year some time.

  2. if we have to wait that long, they better give us 2.2 with flash support

  3. S/E needs to get on this now. 2.1 in Q4 will be way too late. By then we could be looking at least 2.2 released with Flash support and who knows maybe even a 3.0 release considering Google’s pace. I would never even consider their devices with this current lagging approach.

  4. S/E should have taken Google up on the offer on making the Nexus One and they might find themselves in a better position. Instead, they let that opportunity passby to HTC which probably gained some great experience with the OS, built relationships with Google experts and significantly increased their brand exposure.

  5. @Chris- you do realize that HTC has built over 10 Android phones don’t you? That includes the 1st (G1/Dream), 2nd (Magic), 3rd (HTC Hero), 4th (Sprint Hero) Android phones. HTC already had great experience and relationships with Google since they pioneered the Android experience.

    As far as Sony goes, Gingerbread (3.0) will be out by the time they upgrade to Eclair (2.0/2.1). Sad. The only way they can save themselves in the Android Tsunami is to launch with Playstation Network compatibility like the Windows Phone 7 and the iPhone HD’s new gamer network. Otherwise, it will be way behind the competition.

  6. I have been completely happy with my X10 and Sony-Ericsson despite the delay. I think they aren’t able to have the latest Android version because of the custom u x is built on top of Android and it takes them months.

  7. As happy as I am with my X10, I don’t see why the OS update will take until Q4 (likely meaning December) and only bring Eclair.

  8. I Feel sorry for the x10 users. I had a hard time deciding between the x10 and the HTC desire and thankfully chose the desire. The x10 has the potential to be a truly great phone but SE seem to be doing their best to sabotage their own product.

    SE had enough time to bring out 2.1 after all the delays but still couldn’t get that right. SE needs a shakeup otherwise they will dissapear alltogeather.

  9. I’m very happy with mine, works great and look awesome. Don’t mind waiting for the update since I don’t have any problems.

  10. I’ll reserve judgment until I see one. (But I may already have an android phone by then — assuming AT&T actually gets a decent android phone this summer.)
    Back in the day, we had several Z520/Z525 flip phones. They were the most well thought out flip phones I had ever seen. Lots of little software touches that made it great. All the subsequent phones we used seemed to have rough edges by comparison.
    So I’m hoping SE still knows how to make a good phone. I guess we’ll all see, assuming they ever release it.

  11. I’d be shocked if it didn’t update with 2.2

    As noted above, it’s an awesome bit of kit – Sony need to get their fingers out to get the software side on par with the hardware. But the 720 HD recording will be a nice touch to make up for the wait. :)

  12. I’m happy with my X10 – I’ve had it for about a week. Despite not being the latest version of android, it’s still an awesome phone. the 2.1 update will make it even more awesome, despite still not being the newest version. 720p video and DLNA will make me even happier, although I’m a bit annoyed about it taking so freakin’ long.

  13. 2.1 is very late :(
    I recently bought the device for T-Mobile USA and it needs the 2.1 upgrade ASAP!!! >:(

  14. Personally I think the X10 is a fantastic Smartphone, but I think SE was a little impatient in releasing the X10 into the market. They should of had that upgrade done first because it would of made a huge difference in the end user first impression experience. I am interested to know how the 2.1 upgrade will help the over all performance of the X10 such as speed, color, multi touch capabilities etc. If anyone knows please feel free to post their opinion as well as source links with valid information.

  15. Hi.
    I’d like to see at least 2.2
    With all the waiting, why not go straight to 2.3?

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