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We can check another one off the list of apps we have been long awaiting, as the official Dropbox app has been released into the Android Market. The service allows you to store files in the cloud, pulling them down to any computer or your Android device. There is cross-platform file sync support , online backup and restore, and file sharing all built in to Dropbox. For the uninitiated, check out the video below:

The app brings the handy file consolidation of Dropbox right to your Android handset. I’d be lying if I said we haven’t been looking forward to this one for a while now.


Dropbox provides 2GB of free storage, or customers can pay for up to 100GB of cloud-based goodness. You can grab the app in the Android Market or head over the Dropbox website to sign up.


Along with the Android app, the Dropbox team announced a set of developer APIs for use in bringing the functions of Dropbox to other mobile apps. A slew of apps can be seen over at the Dropbox website, but for now only a few are for Android, with the lions share going to the iPhone and iPad.

If you work between several different computers and need access to files on your phone without the hassle of sending them through e-mail or manually transferring through USB or Bluetooth, this is one you’ll definitely want to check out.

[via Dropbox Blog, thanks to Jake for the heads up!]

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  1. it works great on the android (nexus specially). though the initial storage is limited to 2gigs

    here’s a referral link if you guys are interested:

  2. I’ve been waiting for this for a while. I am a fan and user of Dropbox. They have really gone out of their way to support as many platforms as possible, and this is just another example of it.

    Having just downloaded the application, my only immediate gripe is that I cannot use the app to delete things off of my Dropbox. I will try to use it more in the coming days though.

  3. even if you dont think dropbox is for you, it is. When my friend refered me, I thought it was a joke, but I use this thing everyday and keep all my important stuff on there.

    really. its great.

  4. Also, If you need an account, I can give you a referral!

    if you click that link it will also give me extra space for free, so help me help you!

  5. Not seeing it in the market. Anyone know what the market requirements are for it?

  6. can you not scan the barcode? otherwise the full name is


  8. I’d be really grateful if a few folks would sign up for DropBox using my referral link:

    You’ll get an extra 250mb when you sign up with that link, and so will I! Thanks :)

  9. I always use dropbox because i am using multiple computers.Now the released app for andriod phone will provide easier access to dropbox. :-)

  10. Why is everyone so enamored with Dropbox? SugarSync released a new version of their Android app tonight too, but no one even mentions them…

    When I compared the functionality recently, it sure seemed like SugarSync had a clear edge over Dropbox.

  11. This is something super useful, Dropbox is what i use to keep all of my school work all synced up, and everything. I would pretty much not be useful to anyone without Dropbox it should be on any device that has enough power to use it

  12. Drop box is handy as hell, i use it to sync to-do lists for college

    once i get a smartphone, i can update homework to-do lists in class and have them available for my laptop and desktop.

    seriously, SO HANDY.

  13. Excellent app. Nice clean UI, options kept to a minimum. AND it works on Android 1.5 which is a refreshing change for new apps at the moment.

  14. Reddit Dropbox Party here

  15. What a dissapointment.
    No selective synch
    In fact no synch
    Needs to be online (see no synch)
    Only recognises certain files.

    Poor effort.
    And I am a paid subscriber so this isn’t a gripe from a freebie whinger.

  16. Awesome service. I sign up every friend / relative I help!

    Oh and here’s an extra 250mb of storage for new users! :)

  17. Awesome service. I sign up every friend / relative I help!

    Oh and here’s an extra 250mb of storage for new users! :)

  18. This might seem a LITTLE self-serving, but I’m also doing this for all of you.

    If I “refer” you, both of us get an extra 250MB of space. So if you plan on signing up and you want 2.25gigs instead of 2gigs, click here:

    Again, you don’t have to, and I wouldn’t post it if it only helped me… but this will actually help everyone who uses it… and I would suggest being referred to the site over just signing up.

    Cheers :)

  19. I use it too.

    I just use one directory to work out of. Synced up between computers and worry free.

    Does that mean you can take pictures or record audio into that directory and automatically save into your dropbox?

    I like the idea of recording everything, and subsequently not being able to delete it from the phone. Screw you cops!

  20. If you sign up using my referral code below, we both get an extra 250MB of free space (2.25GB rather than 2GB):

    I’ve been using the Beta version for a while and its a really handy way to get files onto your phone.

  21. It’s about time Android got what iPhone users are enjoying, even if it is only one app.

    By the way, if anyone is joining Dropbox after reading this article, then use this link below.

    It means that me and you both get an extra 250MB allowance on top for FREE. Something you’ll really appreciate when you start getting pop-ups saying ‘You dropbox is almost full’ !


  22. Awesome service. I sign up every friend / family when they ask for tech help.

    Click my name (Pete) above for an extra 250mb when you sign up! :)

  23. Awesomeness. So glad to finally have an official app – and one that works seamlessly. As Nature Boy would say: Wooo hooo!

  24. It only gives you 2GB of storage for free and you need to pay yearly for more storage. I don’t like that. I’ll just buy 16GB flash drive for a one-time fee of $15.

  25. @Chris – I don’t view the Dropbox service as a way to store a lot of data, I use it to transfer files I need between the many computers I have… and now I can do it on my phone. I especially like that if you start your camera app while in Dropbox it store the pics straight in your Dropbox folder. Haven’t tested it out, so hopefully it works on most or all phones.

    PS. I think we should have all the ‘referral’ comments removed, it just looks spammish.

  26. wow people just now sign up for this and start spamming the post… really guys post your links somewhere else please, don’t make this a spam market

  27. Here is my link as well. If you use my link we both get an extra 250mb of space:

    You need to create an account using my link, and then download the desktop dropbox, install and signin on the desktop dropbox for the credit to be applied to both of us.

    Thanks to anyone who uses my link.

  28. Here is another referral link. Dropbox is great!

  29. As a long time user of Jungle Disk for online back up and sync, I find dropbox much more user-friendly and intuitive and I have now replaced “My Documents” with “My Dropbox” in windows explorer, no need to have the two folders and drag files into the other. I am loving the new android app too!!!

    If anyone else wants to use my referral link for an additional free 250MB of storage (for both of us) please sign up through my link

  30. Totes awesomesauce.

    There’s still a lot of room for improvement, but this is a great first effort. It’s long awaited and much appreciated.

  31. It’s not showing up in my Market. :(

  32. Simple to use, great for storing work docs to access on the road.

    Here’s my referal link…Thanks

  33. Here are more referrals for an extra 250mb of space. So 2.25gb of space.
    it will show the extra space once you install the program, log in and go to the site account settings.


    Referral code for free space for you and me.

  35. If anyone is joining Dropbox after reading this article, then use this link below.
    You get an extra 250MB

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  37. If you sign up with my referral link,, I will will receive 250 mb but you will receive 500 in addition to the initial 2 gb since it is a .edu email address. Thanks

  38. Hi, there is my referral link:

    You and me get +250 MB if you use it to sign up for Dropbox.

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