May 5th, 2010

Ok, we really need to slow down on these tablets, now! The latest comes from a Web 2.0 event that was being held in San Francisco last night. Android wasn’t be to be left out, though, and as such, an interesting tablet device made its way to the show floor. What’s interesting about it isn’t its features or its interface, or even how it looks: these days, a tablet is a tablet is a tablet.

What made it so compelling was the fact that it was running Flash and AIR. What made it even more compelling is that it was running those technologies as smooth as butter. The first video shows’s Adobe AIR app running full screen, and the one below shows a YouTube video playing in-browser. Of course, tablets are destined to be more technically-capable than their smaller phone counterparts, but I can’t imagine that the experience would be any different on today’s high-end Androids, as well. There isn’t even a name to be had, seemingly, as the video struggles to pick up the voice of the presenter – he did, however, say “Android prototype by Adobe” – but we’ll try to drill down to get more info soon.

[Check out more videos of the tablet in action via Zedomax]