Denied: Sony Ericsson Unsuccessfully Files for Nexus UI Trademark


Shortly after Google and HTC released the Nexus One, Sony Ericsson came forward to say Google had initially approached them to make the device. SE turned it down on the grounds of not wanting to be a sub-contractor for another company. Of course, SE’s Xperia X10 in many ways pales in comparison to the Nexus One, so maybe it’s for the best they never got their hands on it. Either way, Sony Ericsson has applied for a trademark on a “Nexus UI,” described as being “interface software for mobile devices and software for enhancing user experience.”


The filing was made in both the US and Europe, and has so far been initially blocked in the States. The reason being an existing trademark for “Visual Nexus,” which is similar in more than just the name. It, too, is a trademark for graphical user interface software.

Sony Ericsson may appeal the initial block, but still little is known about what their Nexus UI would be. Could SE have changed their tune and agreed to develop an upcoming phone in Google’s Nexus line? That isn’t happening any time soon, as Google would no doubt be involved in that filing and Motorola already has dibs on the next Nexus device (I have my doubts as to whether one will be released by Google at all). Still, seems a bit strange that a company who has recently been pushing out Android devices would want to trademark a user interface that just so happens to have the same name as Google’s own handset.

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  1. Motorola has already been tapped by Google to make the Nexus Two. This has been stated in an interview in January of 2010.

  2. yet apple is granted whatever ridiculous patent they want. x10 is real disappointing though

  3. I guess if their name was Apple it would not have been a problem…corruption at its highest.

  4. that’s kind of a dbag move on Sony’s part. Makes me think even less of the x10 which i didn’t know was possible…

  5. Its all about the names :/

  6. The Nexus UI has nothing to do with Nexus One or Google. That’s what they call (or called) the X10 UI.

  7. I thought the X10 was Rachael UI.

  8. And a second ago I saw it called Timescape UI

  9. @chaos they are filing for a trade mark on a name, not a patent on an ridiculous as apples patent bullying, they would not have got this trade mark either.

  10. @omac

    is against google, I dont think that would be so easy

  11. I don’t know why you people hate X10. To me it has no flaws whatsoever, even with 1.6. It doesn’t have the same “plastic toy” feeling as you get with HTC, and it doesn’t have all the crappy innovative magnets that screw up your phone experience as Motorola. It a very solid built phone with fantastic display quality and fast processor.

  12. I have had an HTC Touch, Touch Diamond and now a Desire. None of them have felt like a plastic toy, and all are still in good working order, despite some rough treatment. Not something I can say for the Motorola or SE phones I have had.

  13. I have an X10 and have had a n HTC and a motorola previously. the X10 beats them hands down. Quality of build, ease of use and some class that HTC and Motorola will never manage.

  14. Yeah, I always said and am still saying: only non-owners and didiots badmouth the X10 – as soon as you sue it you will see it beats the boring, lame, stock Android N1 hands down. It’s fast as hell and Mediascape is FAR AHEAD of the rest of the Android world, literally nothing comes even close to it on Android (despite Mediascape UI isn’t completely ideal just yet.)

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